Low Income Vehicle Repair Assistance, Solution for Vehicle Owners

Low Income Vehicle Repair Assistance – Having a car is important, but many people forget that automobile maintenance is also essential. People use car to go to work on time, grocery shopping, pick up children from school, and many other activities. The busier you are, the more you have to pay more attention to your car. When the car suddenly breaks, the only one to blame is you who doesn’t pay enough pay attention.

Car problems could be a serious issue for low-income families. Paying for a major repair won’t be easy if you already paid the bills, and the remaining money you have are only enough for essentials, such as food and shelter. Despite this, you don’t have to worry if you accidentally face the condition.  Low-income vehicle repair assistance exists and it could be available in your local community, or you can ask for help by being creative. As long as you hold proof of your income, such as bank statements or tax returns, you can look for private and local agencies that offer help easily. You can look for many programs that offer free car repairs for low-income families.


4 Ways to Get Low Income Vehicle Repair Assistance

There are plenty ways to get low-cost or even free vehicle repair assistance. Despite this, I will inform you the four most effective way to get them, which are as follows:

  1. Contact a Local Charity

Contact the nearest charity around you like United Way, Salvation Army or Urban League. Explain your current financial situation and tell them that you need for car repairs. They will help you find charitable groups that offer free or discounted car repairs to low-income families.

  1. Apply for Public Assistance

Try to apply for public assistance, such as joining the federal food assistance program via the local Department of Social Services. The administration agencies won’t pay the costs of your car repair, but they may have suggestions for free or discounted automobile repairs.

  1. Barter Services

Try to make a deal through a barter of services in exchange for car repairs. Place advertisements on free online classified websites and post notes on community bulletin boards at coffee houses, grocery stores, or other places. For instance, you can offer free housekeeping or other services for a month to get a mechanic repairing the damages of your car.

  1. Search for Free Car Repairs Online

The simplest and fastest method to get information is by searching them online, including looking for low-cost or free car repairs. You can find many community groups that offer assistance online. Despite this, you have to be careful as you could face scams or get false information. Always check the truth of the information you’ve received.

Websites You Can Check to get Low Income Vehicle Repair Assistance

It’s inevitable that most people would choose the fourth way to get vehicle assistance for low income families. In this digital era, people want everything to be faster and simpler. Therefore, looking for assistance would be picked as the best choice by most people. Here are the websites you can look into to get low-cost or free car repairs:

  1. Modest Needs

Founded in 2002, Modest Needs is the US national non-profit organization that raises fund from the crowd to provide grants to those in need of emergency assistance, including the aid for automobile repair costs. The grant is averagely ranged from $750 to $1,250. https://www.modestneeds.org/

The programs designed by  Modest Needs are to help those who have worked hard but confused about where else to go for assistance, and to support those who give back to the community and country, such as public school teachers, first responders, veterans returning from service aborad and active duty military members. The primary goal of the organization is to support those who don’t generally qualify to receive assistance from conventional agencies so they won’t lose everything because of a short-term crisis.

If you have any questions for the organization, you can ask them politely and directly via e-mail, or send them a letter.


  1. Ways to Work

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ways to Work is a unique Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). The agency provides financial assistance, education and case management through their network of 44 locations spread in the US. The program provides low-interest vehicle loans to help qualified families afford a car or automobile repairs. If you want to apply, you must have regular employment and show the proof of your ability to repay the loan.

If you want to go to their nearest office, you can contact them for further information.

Phone: (866) 252-7171

E-mail: operations@waystowork.org

  1. Angie’s Angel Help Network

In early 2015, the Angie’s Angel Help Network created a directory of local and regional car repair assistance programs for those in need. Their programs prioritize low-income families with children, victims of natural disasters, victims of domestic violence, military families, and non-profit organizations

If you’re looking for a free car repair assistance from the website, click here. You can also ask them directly or even tell the information you know by contacting them via e-mail.

E-mail: angiesangelhelpnetwork@gmail.com

  1. Julie’s List

Those who live in six counties of Southeast Michigan will be helped by the website as they tell you the resources in the area. Not only well-known agencies, Julie’s List also inform private and religious organizations which other information agencies do not offer. All known resources are listed on the website.

The website covers Metro Detroit, Wayne County, Lenawee, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, and Washtenaw countries. They are listed in alphabetical order in the website, just scroll down to find your particular county.

If you’re looking for free or low-cost car and car repairs, you can go here. You can look for the contacts and e-mails of various agencies around Southeast Michigan in the website.

After you read the article, you won’t have to worry anymore when your car breaks and you’re under a financial crisis. The information above will help you to get low income vehicle repair assistance easily. Hope you will get the needed help soon!

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