What to Do to Get Free Stuff without Surveys or Even Your Credit Card!

Who doesn’t like to get free stuff? People often say there’s no free lunch, but let’s debunk that myth since apparently, you can get free items for real with little to no effort! As for now, we will focus on free stuff without surveys and how you can get them. Well, is it even possible to get free stuff without surveys of participation? The answer is yes. Even you can get not only free stuff no participation required, but also freebies without using your credit card. So, how to get stuff for free online?

There are some great ways you can get freebies without having to take your time to fill in all those surveys. It is especially for you who aren’t willing to provide information related to who you are and where you live, considering those are some of the basic information often being asked in an online survey to get a free item. In addition to that, you will also need to be aware of the scams. Luckily, there are plenty of websites offering completely free samples by mail without surveys that are not a scam. We will provide you with some sites where you can get free samples by mail no requirements! Check these out!


Websites to Get Free Stuff without Surveys!

Here are some examples of sites that offer free stuff without surveys.

  1. Complimentary Crap

This is the destination for those who are looking for samples for free by mail. The updates are regular on this blog and the samples are categorized, making it truly easy for you to navigate the website.

  1. Yo Free Samples (yofreesamples.com)

Here, you can find an opt-in mailing list that will provide you with list of best deals every day through the e-mail.

  1. FreeFlys

This website has been featured on various media sources, such as Today Show, Fox News, and The Doctors. There are plenty of deals you can browse. Subscribe to the daily e-mail alerts so you will get any notification whenever new freebies are published. We personally love how neat the search bar is, making it easier to search for any freebies we want directly.

  1. Free Snatcher

Actually, Free Snatcher is a blog site. However, its updates are pretty real-time throughout the day. There are various goodies to find here, such as online deals, samples, and coupons.

  1. FreeBeeBuzz

This site is fairly comprehensive, giving us updates about deals, bargains, coupons, and freebies on products you’re after. Generally, it’s highly recommended to try out the items you’re interested in first before buying them and this website surely will satisfy you in this aspect.

  1. SampleLoft.com

This is an ideal website for you who are looking for stuff that won’t cost you anything at all. Furthermore, this place never attempts you into purchasing anything or doing surveys after surveys to claim the products.

Alternatives to Get Free Items without Surveys

Is those websites the only way you can do to get free stuff without surveys? Apparently, the answer is no. There are also some things worth doing to get items for free without having to do any survey.

  1. Use the social networks.

Today, the internet has become a critical tool for companies for branding and promotion. One of the marketing strategies the companies do is to offer free samples on social media networks. Even better, you may be lucky enough to get the entire product for free!

Usually, the game plan is as simple as making the company’s proposition more appealing to you through, let’s say, Twitter or Facebook account. It is so you’re impressed enough so you’ll include their accounts on your own blog or page. You may also notice the latest trends on Twitter, in which companies offer free products once they agree that you can reach a certain amount of retweets, just like what Wendy’s has done by offering free chicken nuggets to a guy.

  1. Call the companies.

This approach is indeed as straightforward as it sounds, neither is this sophisticated. Even so, this can also make an effective way for you to get free samples just by directly writing to or ringing up the manufacturer. For this alternative, it’s best for you to have some experience or knowledge about their other products so you can share your opinions—after all, manufacturers would always love to know the public’s opinions related to their products.

If they find your feedback is useful, you may be lucky enough to get free items, such as promotional products, free samples, or coupons. This is also what often happens to the popular blogger who reviews products regularly.

  1. Check the company’s websites.

There is also another way you can do for free products or samples from the company. Simply check with them that market or manufacture the product you like directly. Sometimes, they will do a trial so they can test and see the market’s reaction to the upcoming products by giving away samples to as many people as possible. Companies in the business selling cosmetics, toiletries, and makeup often do this method, as well as those like Wal-Mart that provide free samples from supplies working with them.

  1. Use mobile apps.

We all have to agree that today’s technology has done great in making our life much easier and more convenient. Now, you can use an app that will help you find free stuff without surveys from FreeStuffResource.com. Even better, this app will also guide you throughout the process of finding the best free offers without taking the surveys route.

Another thing you’d like to notice that most of those sites usually have e-mail alerts. We highly recommend you to sign up for them. This way, you can always jump on any offer for free stuff without surveys right away! On the other hand, you may need to be really careful of any freebie or free sample that demands you to sign up for trial offers or answer pages of survey questions since those are often the signs of freebie scams.

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