Make a Wish Car Donation

Make a Wish Car Donation – I believe the most important thing when you donate is to know what kind of goodness your donation has made. This is true for all kinds of donations, including car donations. Therefore, we would like to start this article by explaining what the Make a Wish donation program can do.

The Make a Wish donation program is administered by the Wheels for Wishes, which is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, focused on providing good services for children in need. The program was started back in 2009, and up to the time, this article is written the charity organization has donated more than 30 million dollars that are used to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions in the United States.

Make a Wish Car Donation Review

The Benefits of Donate Car to Make a Wish

This program strive to grant the wishes of these children because they firmly believe that fulfilling the wish of these children is a great medicine because it provides hope and brings a smile to these kids. We personally agree with this, because these kids need support and love from our community, including me and you.

Now that you know the main benefit of donating car to Make A Wish program, it is time for you to learn other benefits!

Make a Wish Car Donation Benefits

Besides the obvious benefit of helping your community, there are other notable benefits of donating to the Make a Wish program, including:

  1. The donation you give is tax deductible
  2. The donation is not limited to cars. You can donate basically any vehicle that you want.
  3. The Wheels for Wishes organization accept these vehicles in ANY condition. So even if it is broken down they would still accept it.
  4. This is a good alternative to selling your car because it is super easy and less hassle!
  5. It’s completely free on your part. You don’t even have to pay for towing service because the Wheels for Wishes will provide the service for free
  6. Donating your car means that you support green movement because the car will be re-used by other people instead of going to the junkyard.
  7. The money is used locally, so you really help out your local community.

How to Donate to Make a Wish Car Donation Program

The process is super fast and super easy. First, you inform the Wheels for Wishes that you’re going to make a car donation. To do so, contact them via their official website or simply call the toll-free line at 1-877-431-9474. After a quick couple of questions, they will contact you again several days after to make a pickup appointment. You should prepare the car’s title and keys beforehand. However, if you lost the car’s title papers, you can still ask for suggestion from the team.

After you’ve handed over the car’s title papers you will receive a  towing receipt, and several days later the charity organization will send you the necessary documents for your tax deduction.

How Much is the Tax Deductible from Car Donation?

Based on the law, cars or other vehicles donated that are sold under $500 will allow up to $500 tax deductible without additional paperwork. Meanwhile, vehicles sold more than $500 will allow the donator to get the actual sale price as the limit of the tax deduction (they may also ask you for your Social Security number to complete the 1098-C form from the IRS). The charity organization will inform the final sale price the donator within 30 days of the car’s sale.

As we’ve stated in our previous posts, there are many benefits to donating a car. The most important part is that you understand the program and the tax-deductible process. If you are still unsure, you can always consult a tax advisor for help.

What we love about the program is that you can choose to benefit your local Make a Wish chapter! This means that you’re directly bringing the smile and hope for the children with serious health problems in your local area. We personally think that this is a very good cause. Last but not least, I hope this gives you a good glimpse of how the Make a Wish car donation program works. Don’t forget to share comments under!

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