Trusted Sources To Get Free Refrigerators for Low Income Families

How can somebody get Free Refrigerators for Low Income Families? If you know somebody from your area that needs some help, especially for their appliances (including fridge), you may find this post informative. There are several possible sources for this matter, but the one that is available in every state in the United States would be assistance program from the government.

As you know, the government provides various assistance programs, you just have to find the right place to look for it. Once you found it, you can even find other free appliances available if you are eligible. In fact, the government sometimes offers home weatherization and bill payments. Again, you must ensure that you are qualified to be the participant.


Where To Get Free Refrigerators For Low Income Families

You still have many choices available if you are not eligible for the government program. For example, you can try the opportunities offered by non-government organizations, charities and non-profitable organizations. There are some ways to do so, such as the local church and other religious institutions. Other than that, you can try Freecycle organizations that offer free used appliances for low-income families. Alternatively, there is Habitat for Humanity that offers very low-cost appliances. Here are more options available.

LIHEAP Based Program

The program name is Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This program is quite popular to help people who have to deal with energy bills. In addition, they work to make sure that families in the United States stay warm during the winter and stay cool during the summer time.

The main criteria used for selection is the income of the family. Since this is a federal program that is administered by each state, there may be some differences in the policy and also the income limit. One of that differences in the policy whether the state will repair or replace some appliances in your house (that includes fridge!).

For instance, you can try California has the Energy Savings Assistance Program, which is a LIHEAP-based program, that offers weatherization services, attic insulations, and energy efficient appliances such as furnaces free. There, you can also find free fridge for low income families.

To see whether the program in your state has that coverage, please contact your Department of Health and Human Services or equivalent agencies, Department of Community Affairs or equivalent agencies, etc.


Freecycle is a popular choice as a nonprofit organization with the goal to recycle used goods. They prevent these items from winding up in the landfill. In fact, they have more than 5,000 local groups and more than nine million of individual members. Among those million people, surely some of them have a good heart to help you. They provide the list that is completely free to look for. They offer people to give their unwanted items away to others. In this community, what you can do is to create a free account. After that, you should only find the group in your area and search any posts related to free refrigerators for low income families. Alternatively, you can post a “wanted” listing and tell about what you need.

Churches and Charities

Some collections of appliances are available in some churches. They even have clothing and shoes for low-income families and individuals. Other than that, they may ask people for donations of appliances to complete your family. Even they may have charities with donated applications or money to get what you need.


The next option for you to get free refrigerator is to visit Craigslist online. They also offer free and cheap refrigerators or other appliances. It is an excellent resource to find various free things for your need such as refrigerators and other appliances. Even though most ads on this site are about items for sale, the site still free items time. Mostly, the offers are available from those who are moving out and they leave their belongings.

In addition, Craigslist sites are available for each major region or city. It means that you can search for the refrigerators near you. Make sure that you can pick the appliances by yourself. To find the items in your area, here you should visit the Cities Page. After that, choose your region or city, and then navigate to “For Sale” menu. Select the “Free” option. You can also select the “Appliance” option.

It is important to check any appliance you want to buy so that it works properly before doing any transaction. When you meet the buyer, you should meet in public areas with the power outlet so you can try the refrigerator first to make sure that it works.


At this time, you can do something more than just telling your Facebook friends about what is in your mind. You can use Facebook to something more, such as finding free appliances, including refrigerators. Post your needs on Facebook free and tons of people can reach you. Facebook is also easy to use. There are three methods on how to get free appliances such as refrigerators through Facebook as below:

·         Facebook Marketplace

First, you must log in to your Facebook account. After that, navigate to the “Explore” menu, located on the left side of the home screen. Hit on “Marketplace” at the top of the screen. There are a search bar and a location. Next, put in what you need and then scroll to browse the results. In addition, you can search by hitting on “Home and Garden” then choose “Appliances” on the side of the menu category.

·         Facebook Groups

Use the designated groups on your Facebook. It is because many people are using groups to advertise their items for sale or for free. You must navigate to the “Explore” menu on the left side of the homepage, and then choose “Group” at the top of the “Group” page, and hit on the “Discover”. After that, you can browse through and then join some local sale groups. There is an opportunity to get refrigerators free.

·         Facebook Walls

It is possible to find free stuff once after posting on your Facebook wall. Create a post and add “Looking for”, and then navigate to the option that you need. Click the post, and make your post public. Let us see if there are some kind people ready to help you.

Furniture Bank

It is convenient for you to try Furniture Bank. They are nonprofits that provide furniture and appliances. What you can do is to call ahead of time and then ask about what you need.

Here, you can try to find the Furniture Bank near your area by seeing the Furniture Bank List on the website.

The Salvation Army

Their goal is to help people to be independent, to do on their feet. Therefore, they provide the financial assistance so individuals can cover their basic needs. It also includes purchasing items, such as major appliances.

Usually, they are helping people by providing some vouchers so the individuals can go shopping at the distribution centers. Since the items in the center can change daily based on the available donations, you must check their offer frequently. The programs and services are available based on the local needs. If you want to apply for vouchers, you should contact or visit the center near your area.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP)

It is one of the biggest charity organization available in the United State. Their goal is to provide resources, assistance, and services to the people who need their help. It means that you can use their assistance if you need a help to purchase necessary appliance, free refrigerators for low income families. To work with them, contact your local organization. It is the same as the previous two charities. The programs and resources depend on the region, council, as well as the chapter.

Here, you can learn about SVdP Page. (

Contact Your Electricity Provider

Of course, there are other options besides the government assistance programs. You may be able to find energy assistance programs from the company serving the electricity. While the chances are slimmer, but it is worth trying. Contact your electricity provider and inquire if there’s any assistance program available for people from low-income families. For example, if you are a customer of the Pacific Gas & Electric, you can contact them at 1-800-989-9744 and inquire about such program. You can easily find the number of your electric provider from the yellow book.

How To Get Free Appliances By Using Apps

Can you believe it? Yes! It is totally possible for you to use your smartphones with the countless apps, such as yard sale and marketplace apps. By using these things, you can browse through new and used items for sale in your area. Here are some helpful apps to find cheap or free appliances in your area, including free refrigerator.

Letgo – You can take it as a free app to “let go” of items that you do not use anymore. Download the app to your smartphone. Here, visit the Letgo Website to browse the items and enter your area. You can add the specific item that you are looking, here you can write “refrigerator”. Most items are available for sale, and occasionally are free. If you want to narrow your search to get free items, type “free” in the search bar.

Listia – Next, this app has the same concept as Letgo, but it offers a different way to purchase items. If you are selling things on their site, you will get credits free items. The more you give, of course, the more you receive. Perhaps, it can be difficult to find the item you need but it is a good way to try for. You should download the app first on your smartphone, or visit their official website to browse the available items.

Those are all the apps that you can use if you are going to try other options to get free refrigerators and apps. The Internet can be your best source because the search engine will tell you countless options available on earth.

To sum up, it is not difficult for you to get something free in this modern era. There are many people in the worldwide that have the goal to help low income families and individuals. If you think that you are not eligible for the government assistance, you should try the options above to get free refrigerators for low income families and other appliances. Keep in mind that it is good to keep your hope always there, not gone. Truly, there are many options available that you can use from websites, local communities, apps, friends, and even families around you. Just tell them what you need and they will give their hands to solve your matter. Your life is not that hard that you must keep everything by yourself. Get more supports by communicating with others.

What to Prepare

It is always wise to have everything ready beforehand. Therefore, here are some of the things you may need to apply:

  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residence, along with Social Security number for all the people living in the house.
  2. A letter of final warning of utility termination from the energy company
  3. The most recent copy of utility bills, but we recommend to prepare three months of utility bills, just in case.
  4. Birth certificates or other documents that can prove the number of people living in your house.
  5. Property tax bill, deed or lease that can prove your current address
  6. Proof or current income from every earner in the family (payroll stubs).
  7. Proof of additional income received (Pension Funds, Disability benefits, Social Security program, etc)

As you see, perhaps it would not be easy to be eligible and prepare the important things when you are about applying for free refrigerator for low income families. One thing for sure is that, when one way is closed, try another way. Surely your effort will help you to get one that you need to change your life.

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