How to Get Educational Grants for Single Mother

For single mothers to return pursuing their academic dream the most apparent problems is financial backing, therefore the need for educational grants for single mother. The grant offers the opportunity to any single mother to pursue their education without financial worry. Different from student loan that is needed to be repaid once you have finished the study, this educational grant is free and do not require any repayment.  For some single women, this grant is the key to reach their educational dream or goal.

However to find and to be awarded the suitable grant is not an easy task to do. The grant usually comes with requirements, specific to the employer, career part, employer, ancestry or even location. To be able to find the grant for which you are eligible for it needed time and efforts to dig in and search for information, however, once you find it the grant always worth the effort.

Educational Grants for Single Mother

Tips and steps to search for educational grants for single mother:

  • Set your educational goal. Make up your mind and set-up your educational goal to know what courses to be taken before applying for an educational grant.
  • Look on some trustworthy website to find information about the grant. Some example of websites you can visit such as and
  • Ask the human resources office or your employee if there is any policy that offers any educational grants for employees.
  • Contact the staff at the state and local government to find out if eligible for some education and daycare benefits. You can get more information about this by visiting the state and the human resources department website.
  • Some professional business organizations offer educational grant such as The Soroptimist International with the Women’s Opportunity Fund, Guardian Life, Women’s Chambers of Commerce. Contact them to find out if you eligible for their program.
  • Besides the business organization, you can also find the grant from private and alumni foundations as well as federal grants such as the Pell grant, the Academic Competitiveness Grant or ACG and Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education or TEACH Grant Program.

Some sources of educational grants for single mother where you may find yourself eligible to:

  1. The Federal Pell Grant Program: The grant is provided by the United States Department of Education for individuals with low-income to finance their education. Document requirements including driver’ license, bank statements, social security card, tax return from the earlier year and W-2 forms. For further information you can visit or contact the office directly at U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20202, phone (800) 872-5327, website:
  2. Raise The Nation foundation: the foundation offer educational grant and student loan repayment grant for single mothers who are interested in volunteering in their community. For further information about the educational grants for single mother you can check on their website at or visit their office at Raise the Nation Foundation P.O. Box 8058, Albuquerque, NM 87198, (505) 265-1202.