Purple Heart Car Donation Review

Donating your car for charity gives you many benefits, and many organizations are willing to accept your car. There’s a lot to choose from, but this time we would like to talk about our personal favorite, the Purple Heart car donation program.

As you may have suspected, this is a program designed to help war veterans and those who receive the Purple Heart Medal of Honor. Administered by a nonprofit, government-related organization called the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the money obtained from donations will be used to support several benefit programs for eligible recipients. In this post, you will learn everything about this program.


Purple Heart Car Donation Benefits

By choosing to donate your car to the Purple Heart program, you are also helping many U.S. war veterans who have worked hard to ensure that we can live peacefully in our homeland. According to some, these veterans often find themselves in a tough situation where there’s little help. Therefore, the government has provided several programs to assist these people. That said, the fact is that there are more people need help, so nonprofit organizations such as the Purple Heart are committed to working together to help our heroes. The money obtained after selling your car through the charity auction will be used

Besides the great feeling of helping fellow human beings, another great benefit of donating your car is that it is tax deductible! The amount of tax deductible depends on the price of the car after selling in the auction. Since the auction is made for charity purposes, typically the car price is higher than common auction, which is another reason why it is better to donate than auctioning your car by yourself. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a dime on repairing the broken car! Just leave it to the Purple Heart and they will take care of it.

Therefore, if you have an old car that you don’t use anymore or you need to free up some space in your driveway or garage, or you simply own a new car and don’t know what to do with the old one, we highly recommend you to donate it!

Claiming the Tax Deductible

One of the most important parts of donating is claiming the benefit of tax deductible. To do so, you need to prepare the vehicle title and keys. After receiving your car the organization will issue a receipt that contains the vehicle value, along with the Vehicle Identification Number. After 10 to 15 business days, the organization will mail the IRS tax-deductible donation receipt.

How to Donate Car to Purple Heart

There are three easy steps to donate your car or other vehicles to this organization. The first one is to contact the organization by phone call at 888-414-4483 or by filling online donation form at their official website. After that, the organization will contact their towing companies partner and they will contact you back and make an appointment so that they can pick up the car for free.

Make sure you inform the towing company if you have an unexpected plan on the scheduled date. They will either reschedule or you can leave the title and keys to your neighbor or in the car and inform the towing company about this plan. You will receive a towing receipt after that.

Last but not least, you just have to wait for between 10 and 15 business days for your IRS tax-deductible donation receipt.

There’s one little thing I would like to address here. Although there’s the free tow service for the Purple Heart program, the organization recommends the donors to drop off the car. Furthermore, not all cities are covered by their pick up services, so it may be a bit inconvenient for some.

However, there’s one thing for sure. This is a reputable organization with a good track record, observed by the government and has a very professional system. You will be safe from scammers and the money is used 100% for the good cause. What’s more, you’re helping the heroes of the United States and their families to have a proper life through nationwide programs including education and scholarship, legal representation, and financial support.

Share your experience with Purple Heart car donation program below!

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