How to Get Grants for Farm Equipment

Grants for Farm Equipment – Modern farming needs modern equipment such as tractors, combines, and other farming tools. These equipment don’t come up cheap, it can cost you up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In order to help farmers, especially ones who are new to the field, on financial hardship after a poor harvest result the government and other non-profit organizations offer grants for farm equipment to keep the farm on going. In order to get those grants for farm equipment, you have to know the steps you need to take to apply for it as where to submit the application.

Instructions on How to Get Grants for Farm Equipment

As a guideline, we provide step by step instruction on how to apply for the grants as well as information on the source of the grants based on information we gather from several trusted websites such as,, and Here are the instructions:


1. Create a business plan for the Farm

To be awarded the grants for farm equipment you have to convince the grantee that you deserve the grants by presenting a decent farm business plan proposal. The content of the business plan including how you plan to use the equipment, the amount of money you need, and the reason you applying for the grant. Be simple, brief and clear in stating your idea in the business plan.

2. Finding grant opportunity

After finished making the farm business plan, next step to do is to search for grants for farm equipment opportunities.

3. Contact the grant administrator

After finding grants that you are interested in, you have to contact the grant administrator. Ask them more detailed information about the grant, eligibility criteria, the continuation, how to apply and what documents required in the application.

4. Compile the Form

Once you decide to apply for one or several grants, it’s time to compile your application form along with your business farm and all the required documents. Make a copy of all document both soft file and hard copy just in case you will need it later. Review it to prevent unnecessary grammar and spelling errors. Finally submit the application for the grants for farm equipment before the deadline date.

5. Follow up the application

After you submit the application, you can do a follow up with your application by checking it up with the grant administrator. If you are awarded the grant you will receive a notification from the grantee.


List of Provider Grants for Farm Equipment

Here are the list of providers related to grants for farm equipment and other expenses:

1. Department of Agriculture

The department offers the Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants program to provide farm owners fund to develop housing for their farm employee. You can contact the office to obtain more information about the grants they offer at Multi-Family Housing Processing Division, Rural Housing Service, Department of Agriculture, Washington DC 20250. Call them at 202-720-1604 or visit their website at

2. Farm service agency

Part of Department of agriculture they provide assistance for farm owner who has to experience livestock loss due to a disaster.  For more information you can contact Farm Service Agency, Production, Emergencies, and Compliance Division Emergency Preparedness and Program Branch, Stop 0517, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20250-0517. Phone at 202-720-7641 and website at

3. Livestock Feed and Transportation Drought Assistance

As the part of supporting livestock producers, Canada and Manitoba governments provide this assistance program. There are some eligible animals for this program, such as breeding animals of dairy cattle and beef, elk, bison, goats, sheep, and more. The producers must support at least 10 animals to meet the qualification. This program covers feed transportation, feed, and other extraordinary expenses.

Here are some qualifications to get this program:

  • Primary producers who leased or owned eligible animals in Manitoba.
  • Eligible animals: breeding dairy cattle and beef, horses raised for PMU, bison, sheep, goat, and elk.
  • Breeding animals must be mature females to breeding, males for breeding.
  • Elk producers: Own a Game Farm Production License, and the eligible elk is the elk farmed under this license.

This program provides some assistance such as winter-feed cost of the eligible breeding animals, feed testing,  and extraordinary expenses for accessing extra crop or pasture acres, harvesting more acres, and hauling self-produced feed.

4. The Tennessee Ag Enhancement Program

TAEP provides financial program to Tennessee Farmers. Established in 2005, TAEP can help local farmers in agricultural industry. The goal is to improve their farm operations. For livestock producers, there are some opportunities for funding based on some categories, including Livestock equipment and Working Facility Structures.

Here are some requirements for the application:

  • A citizen of of the United States of America
  • Present in the United States
  • Tennessee resident with a farm in Tennessee
  • 18 years old minmum
  • Have submitted a Federal IRS Schedule F (Form 1040), Profit or Loss from Farming, within the last two years.
  • Meet livestock/acreage requirements (at least one)
  • Have up-to-date certification based on type of livestock.

Here are some instructions on the application:

  • Have Beef Quality Assurance Certification.
  • Submit the application form.
  • Submit form during the application period through TAEP Website or Postal Mail

5. Section 179 | US IRS Tax Code

You can get a high opportunity to purchase every year in more affordable way using this tax deduction. You can choose Section 179 as the part of the tax code. This program supports businesses to help money when purchasing a piece of agricultural equipment.

So, if you are a business owner, then you can use this program for every year. It helps you buy the equipment you want and then write it off on your tax-return. Here are the requirements to participate in this program:

  • A citizen of the United States of America
  • Present in the United States
  • Have a business in the United States of America
  • 18 years old minimum
  • Purchase the equipment for business use.
  • Use equipment in the same calendar year of purchase.

To apply, Visit IRS Website so you can download Form 4562 and Instructions. This form is useful to help you claim the deduction, provide business or invest the equipment usage, including the form 4562 tax return.


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