Our Best Answers On How To Get Old Computers For Free

In all areas of American life, the green revolution keeps expanding. Right now, it is a crucial issue to recycle old computers and somehow it turns to be a growing trend. You can find thousands and even countless community organizations as well as nonprofit groups have big commitment in recycling unwanted monitors, peripherals as well as computer towers for useful life. How to get old computers for free is even possible to come true due to the programs applied to recycle computers freely or with little cost.


How To Get Old Computers For Free, Best Places To Try

Speaking about old computers and other computer devices you expect to have, here are several best places you must try:

  1. Freecycle

It sounds like a Craigslit but they can help you to find group near you and they give you valuable information once you don’t mind to do a little footwork. They help you to connect with freecyclers that don’t mind to give you free computers.

This freecycle network has been made about more than 5,297 groups with more than 9,000,00o members in the worldwide and who knows that you can get it. It is a grassroots contain of nonprofit movement of people who don’t mind to give and get stuff for free in their neighborhoods. They are gathering in this network to reuse and keep good stuff out of our landfills. The network offers free membership and you can sign up or find your community by entering it in the search box.

  1. Interconnection

They provided even laptops and desktops only for low income people and qualified students. Even the laptops are available at low price that is about $99. If you are not living in Seattle area, but meet their criteria as low income families and individuals, you can visit their online store.

What you can get here is refurbished laptop that is about $99 and discounted computer. The refurbished laptop comes with Wi-Fi card, office home 2007 such as word, power point and excel as we as Windows 7 Pro. The Wi-Fi card, spyware and antivirus are also added with 90 day warranty. To pay, you can use credit card or cash only. Most of the available laptops are Dell. They are some more available such as LCD Flat Screens, peripherals and discounted desktops.

The qualifications

It is required for the participants to show the yearly earnings that should be under $40,000 or they can show EBT card or prove that you receive Medicaid, TANF, SSI, GA-U, DSHS Support, free or reduced school lunches as well as nonprofit EIN number.

InterConnection Computer Reuse Center – Place To Purchase

  • 3415 Stone Way N, Seattle 98103
  • Bus 26, 30 and 31 stop near the center
  • Available hours: M. to F. 10am to 6pm, Sat. 10am to 5pm
  • Phone contact: (206) 633-1517
  • email info@interconnection.org
  1. PCsforpeople (https://www.pcsforpeople.com/)

This can be your next option. They provide service to both business and individuals who need to technology.

For individuals, they offer individuals and families who are eligible to meet their requirements to receive a computer, computer repair and even internet service.

The tax exempt 501(C)(3) organizations are possible to buy computers and internet services in bulk for business organization which is called technology for nonprofits.

Their commitment is to create new opportunities through providing affordable personal computers, internet service and computer repairs to people with limited technological experience duel to hard economic, social and physical circumstances. For family or individual who receive government benefit or even living below 200% of federal poverty line, they are eligible to get four services including computers for those in need, computer repair, high-speed internet service and Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.

They also offer free recycling and data sanitization services for all corporations. If you need an extremely simple, cost efficient recycling service, PCs for people can be your ideal option.

  • PCs for People Headquarters
  • 1481 Marshall Ave
  • St. Paul, MN 55104
  • Store Hours: M-F 9am to 5:30pm CT
  • Phone Support: M-F 10am to 5:30pm CT
  • Email: info@pcsforpeople.org
  • Phone contact: (651) 354-2552

Those are all the places you can go in case that you need a help on how to get old computers for free.

Things to Do If Those Places Cannot Help You Out

We understand that sometime those places we have recommended to you cannot help you out. It can be because you are living in different area and the program doesn’t make you qualified. Here, we have some solutions you can go with.

  1. Find a center around you

As you know, most communities have one organization at least involved in computer recycling. If you don’t find about any information you need through internet, it is better for you to do your best effort by contacting your local government office, local university environmental groups, habitat for humanity branch or ecology action centers. It is also recommended to you to call local computer repair stores. Somehow they have older and abandoned machine that they don’t mind to sell to you at low price.

  1. Understand about the types of computer available

The market for used computers is commonly glutted with machines and today, new machines are available at low price. Many homeowners and business are available with their old computers that are no longer cost-effective or lucrative as in the past. Dumping old computers is not a good way to do and the best way is to recycle it through donation center. At recycling centers, you can find some types of computers available such as old Pentium II and Pentium III desktop but some can be the older Pentium 4 computers. Most of them may lack of Ethernet cards and USB ports. Some even doesn’t come with hard drive that are removed for security purpose.

  1. Finding a free rig

You are totally in a big luck if you can join in some recycling programs to distribute complete computer rigs such as CRT monitor, tower, mouse, ink-jet printer and keyboard freely and no charge at all. Some of those programs require you to enter the registration and proof of need with some other requirements like your income or others. But others, they may only require recipients to do volunteer labor in just few hours in exchange. Your participation will be paid with free computer equipment.

However, few programs may make you spend few dollars to help the defray administration cost to keep the program well provided.

  1. Don’t expect too high

It is almost hard to believe if you can receive a Pentium 4 computer with hard drive that is larger than 10 GB as well as installed Window XP. In fact, most free recycled computers are serviceable and still good for playing games or word processing. You also can upgrade your recycled computer with little investment to support your needs.

We know it is not easy to find and try about how to get old computers for free. But as long as you keep trying to find the ways, you surely will find it!

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