Help Paying Traffic Tickets

Help Paying Traffic Tickets – Traffic tickets and fines should be taken seriously, since ignoring them can really bite you in the end. It is obvious that all of you already know that there are late charges or interests that are involved when you are unable to pay the fines in a timely manner. That said, some people still have to deal with financial problems, which basically prevent them to pay the ticket in full. Is there any solution or help to pay for traffic tickets?

A traffic violation is obviously the reason for the traffic tickets, which might include parking violations, accessory violations, accidents, and moving violations. If a person continues to undermine these tickets, there are some possible consequences he or she must face, including:

  • Additional cost added to the fine due to late payment (which might come in the form of interest or set amount of additional fine)
  • Negative marks on credit file, which will bring negative effect to your overall financial condition status. Poor credit can really cause some trouble.
  • Driver’s license or vehicle registration suspension or cancellation
  • Put in jail for extreme cases

So you see, those are the disadvantages you will get if you neglect the tickets. Even in tough financial condition, you should always try your best to pay for the ticket. Try to reduce spending and try to save more. However, if that’s not enough, there are still some alternatives you can try.


Where can I get Help Paying for Traffic Tickets?

We understand that there are several circumstances that might prevent you from being able to pay for the ticket. Therefore, there are some ways designed by the government through the ticket agency to help eligible people.

  1. Fee Waiver or Amnesty

The first and foremost effort you should do is to ask if there’s a fee waiver or amnesty program available from the government or the ticket agency. People with low income that can really prove that they are in a bad-shape financial condition are eligible for the program.

For example, last year some states issued a law that regulates amnesty program for unpaid traffic infraction tickets. The program will end in March next year, so it is a good time for you to utilize this program.

The program offers a cut on the debt amount with varied percentages, depending on the income of the person. Some might receive 50% cut, while other might get 80% cut off their debt. This program will also reinstate the driver’s license of the person.

Almost all of the traffic tickets are included in this program, but reckless driving, driving under influences offenses, and parking tickets are excluded. A person might also have their eligibility revoked if they have felony warrants or other outstanding misdemeanour, or they owe victim restitution.

  1. Contacting Ticket Agency or Debt Recovery Agency

If you have tried the first recommendation above and find that you are not eligible for the traffic ticket amnesty program, the second most reasonable solution is to come out straight to the ticket agency or debt recovery agency. It might sound daunting first, but people there are more than willing to help any citizen with a good will.

In that agency you can negotiate with them. Explain your conditions and bring along necessary documents that can back up your statement. Usually there are two options offered by the agency, which includes a payment plan that allows you to pay a part of the debt monthly, and also the option to extend the due date of the traffic ticket.

  1. Third Party Assistance

You can also seek help from third parties. For instance, if you are planning to challenge the ticket, you might want to search for non-profit services that can help you dealing with fines. Needless to say, you should take this step with proper consideration. You need to prepare a solid proof of evidence that you are not in the wrong. Usually taking photos of the ‘crime’ scene (road signs, meter, road markings, etc) right after you’ve been given a ticket might be a good attempt for obtaining evidence.

Last but not least, you can also contact local charities or non-profit organization and try to get the funding from there. It’s a long shot, but worth it. I sincerely hope that you can find help for paying traffic tickets!