How Long Does CPR Certification Last And How To Get It

What is CPR Certification?

How long does CPR certification last? Well, let us talk about what is it, first. CPR helps deliver the small amount of blood to the heart. It is important to keep body and brain function run until the defibrillation. Speaking of defibrillation, it is a shock to the heart to resume its function as normal as before.

Where To Get CPR Certification?

One important question than just asking yourself how long does CPR certification last is where to get it.

There are some accredited programs available. You only have to identify these programs. It is because you have to receive the certification from the accredited source. There are some popular organizations to choose from. For example, you can take AHA or Red Cross. These are the best places to get certification. Therefore, we recommend you to check their website to gain information about certificates. Make sure that you do not directly choose online programs that sell certificates that have no connection with national institutions.


You should not pay for their services if they do not provide skill checks. The most important is to avoid fraudulent if the online program you want to choose only promise instant electronic course card after completing their course.

Moreover, you should avoid scams. You should be careful if the company tries and sells you a product. You should avoid anyone who asks you to provide your personal identification numbers, passwords, as well as your social security numbers. Alternatively, reject anyone who asks you to buy insurance in the name of AHA and other national organizations. They are scams if they also ask you to purchase the exam answers to help you get the certification programs.

To get the certificate, keep in mind that you have to pay the fee for the course. The price of each organization can be different. For a very basic course, the cost can be about $30.

Some reputable certifying agencies for CPR training are American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, American Heart Association, and the National Safety Council.

As you see, do not ask yourself about how long does  CPR certification last at this time because you have to find the reputable agencies.

How To Get CPR Certification

Before talking about how long does CPR certification last, some professions require CPR certification. Those professions are nurses, doctors, chiropractors, dentists and other health professionals.

In addition, teachers, lifeguards, and other health workers need this certification. Even though it is not necessary for the average citizen to have the certificate, it is necessary to have. This certificate is important to handle an emergency.

Therefore, before we tell you how long does CPR certification last, you should know first how to get CPR certification.

  1. Collect information CPR and the certification

You should identify the reasons why you must have the certificate. For example, you can save people’s lives or always ready to help others. Besides, it looks good on your resume. In addition, you should have some questions to ask the providers. Ask the provider whether you will receive the certificate after completing the class. In addition, talk to your provider whether you will get hands-on training during the class or not. Last but not the least; find information that your instructor has certified.

Furthermore, you have to meet the age requirement. Once you can afford the course fee and you can perform the duties, then you can get the certificate. Indeed, the age requirement to apply for the certification is 10 years old.

  1. Learn the CAB acronym

At this point, you must be able to do compressions. Your trainer will teach you to do it properly. After that, your trainer will teach you how to clear the airway, mouth-to-mouth breathing, and put the victim in the recovery position.

  1. Pass The Certification Course

Generally, you need to complete the basic CPR course in 3 hours. If you just renew the CPR certification, it can take less time compared to a classroom that is full of new pupils.

Besides, you need a written exam and the score to get must be 84% or higher so you can pass it. We recommend you to take a pretest as your preparation. Not only that, but you also need to take skills to check. You have to be able to demonstrate the CPR performance.

How long does CPR certification last? Well, it can last for two years. Therefore, you have to retake the course if you want to renew it. Do not forget to check the expiration dates at the bottom of the certificate.

What Do You Do In A CPR Class?

At this point, you are going to enroll in a CPR course but you have no idea at all. First, you can pick a class type. In fact, there are three general class types to choose to get a certification. Those are in-person, blended, and online class. Of course, each type comes with its own benefits.

When you take an in-person class, it provides you with personalized instruction. In this class, the instructors can monitor you, in case you have questions and problems. Besides, you can practice more easily in the actual classroom, especially when it comes to the needed skills. Nevertheless, you have to travel to the location.

If you are seeking for the flexibility of the online class, take blended-classes. They provide hands-on training. In addition, the class is not often as asynchronous. Even they have a scheduled course at the specific times. In another word, the class can limit the accessibility. The last choice is the online class that is great for its flexibility. You can learn at any time and at your home. On the contrary, they do not provide personalized or hands-on training.

Next, you can enroll in the general CPR and AED course. This course is great if you are seeking for general CPR certification. In this course, you can learn some techniques like breathing and chest compression, infant, child and pediatric CPR. In addition, they can help you learn about AED use, CPR with the ambulance bag and choking response.

Another thing you can do is to take a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. It is in-depth course and you will have certified instructors to teach you the course. This course is available for caregivers and healthcare professionals. The instructors will teach you first aid techniques, AED use, basic life support, chest compression, rescue breathing, stroke victim assistance, and more.

The last option available is to get certification in the basic first aid. It is a general class for all people who want to learn very basic first aid or CPR. You will learn minor/major bleeding, handling unconscious victims, burns, fainting/heat stroke victims, allergic reactions, choking, and others.

How Long Does CPR Certification Last?

Since you will get the CPR certificate after completing the course, it is important to know that there is an expiration date of the certificate. The CPR/AED, as well as the First Aid Certification, is still valid for 2 years from the date issued. For the course, you will need 1 to 3 hours to complete it. It does not a big deal if you cannot pass the test. Some programs allow you to re-take the test.

Online CPR Certification For Healthcare Providers

Now, it is quite easy to get CPR courses and certification. For example, you can take the certification online. This way is much easier because you do can do it anytime and anywhere. What you have to do is to complete the course and pass the quiz. Once you finished it and completed the payment, you only have to download the certification. After finding the information about how long does CPR certification last, you can try to get it online as below.

Here are the following steps to get CPR certification online:

Therefore, before we tell you how long does CPR certification last, you should know first how to get CPR certification.

  • Select the course

Now, you can take the online CPR certification with ease. Visit the trusted website that provides this service and select the course. You will need to create your username and password. After that, complete your basic information. Last but not the least, pay for the course and you are ready!

  • Pass the Quiz

You have studied the course material and now proceed the quiz. Some quizzes are available in multiple choices. You should pass this quiz with the score 75% or higher. Besides, it is possible to take the quiz multiple times. Usually, you will get no charge for that.

  • Print card

After passing the course quiz, hit “Print Certification” button. Here, you will get the PDF copy of the wallet card. You can use the online courses anytime comfortably.

How Much Does A CPR Class Cost?

We have answered your question about how long does CPR certification last. Now, do you know how much does a CPR class cost? Well, it depends on the class you are going to take.

First, you can take individual CPR training. In this class, you can get emergency response skills. It is possible for healthcare professionals to take this course to renew the certification. For the cost, it depends on the training duration and the content of the course. The average cost is $45-$55. Meanwhile, the materials cost is $20-30.

There is also online CPR training. In fact, the cost is more affordable compared to the classroom-based learning. Nevertheless, you still have to meet the CPR trainers in person so you can get the final certification. Moreover, some trainers provide blended CPR training so you can take the cognitive training online before having your meeting with the instructor in person for the test.

The last is the worksite training, which is perfect for those who have to deal with OSHA safety requirements. The group training cost depends on the course content and the materials. Commonly, the instructor will decide the class size. After that, they will charge the participant. Of course, the more people join the group, the more expensive the course to pay.

For the basic CPR training with 2 hours of the course duration, you may need $35-45 to spend. For a class of eight participants, the minimum fee is from $280-$320. Meanwhile, CPR training in four-hour class that learns emergency response strategies can charge $45-$55 per trainee. The minimum fee for eight participants is $360-$400.

Besides, it is possible to get the class extensions during the CPR course. For example, you can get infant training course by paying $5-$10. Other courses are Oxygen administration training that costs $15-$20 per person and Bloodborne pathogen training that costs $15-$20 per person.

How much does the cost of CPR training materials? In some cases, CPR training providers may provide free learning materials and online manuals. Unfortunately, others will raise the cost by providing hard-copy materials, extra resources, and practical materials. Therefore, before choosing the training provider, make sure that you know what things you will get for free and not.

Can You Get Free CPR Training?

It is possible for you to express your interest especially to get CPR certification. Nevertheless, it is conditional. You must work in a large multinational or become a volunteer at a non-profit institution. In fact, there are some organizations seek for volunteers. They even sponsor the volunteers to take CPR training and certification. Furthermore, it is reasonable if the CPR certification becomes the requirement for your license (for example, a nurse). In this point, the employer commonly does not ask you to pay the certification cost.

How To Choose The Right Training Provider

It can be challenging to choose the right CPR training provider. Choosing the wrong option can bring many problems when you have to renew it. Therefore, you should make sure that you always have these four things before choosing the right provider:

  1. Consider the CPR certification you need: standard or healthcare provider
  2. Consider your needs of AED certification
  3. Decide your CPR certification is to focus on infants and children or not
  4. Consider whether you will take the American Red Cross, online, or the AHA

In addition, you must decide which certification you need. Most people go with standard CPR certification. This type of CPR certification goes to some individuals. For example, teachers, coaches, camp counselors, school bus drivers, nannies, daycare workers and personal trainers. Other individuals that should take this CPR certification type are construction workers and nursing home workers.

On the other hands, individuals that work in the healthcare industry need advanced CPR training. Those who should take this training are Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), medical assistants, nurses, and respiratory therapist. Other professions are hospital technicians, dentists, dental assistants, firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs. Occupational therapists and physical therapists should take this CPR training type as well.

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