Importance of Blood Donation: Benefits, Facts, Requirements, and Tips

Blood donation is seen as positive activity. Classified as a noble act, a drop of blood can give hope to other people. As people know, the blood donor is an activity that gives without asking for or voluntary. In addition, it is also usually done during emergency situations. It turns out the importance of blood donation is not only beneficial for the recipient but also for the donor. Many researches stated if a blood donor will experience an improved quality of life compared to before donating blood.

Behind the importance of blood donation, there are some facts about blood according to America’s Blood Centers. It sounds interesting and hopes it can increase public awareness of the preciousness of blood donation. Of course, the person should meets the applicable terms and conditions. 1 out of 7 people entering hospital need blood and every 2 seconds in United States, someone needs blood. Then, 1 pint can save 3 lives. Red blood itself can be stored for 4 days whereas platelets are for 5 days. Based on the facts, the candidate can take advantages of blood donation for health.


The Importance of Blood Donation Benefits for Health

The first about blood donation benefits is to protect the heart. For those who actively donate blood found they heart is healthier and lower the risk of heart disease by 88% including other cardiovascular diseases. That is only one from many importance of blood donation. In addition, the risk of cancer also decreased along with a consistent level of donor blood. As the result, the donors can avoid lung, stomach, esophagus, and large intestine cancer. Next is lowering the iron contained in the circulating blood. This is what causes a person to avoid the risk of cancer.

Weight loss can also be another reason behind the importance of blood donation. Maybe a lot of people do not know that after donating blood, they can burn the calories to weight loss as expected. But keep in mind, it does not mean the blood donation can be used for diet program. Another reason is to make faster formation of new blood cells. This happens because the body periodically updates the blood cells in the body. Cell regeneration will be faster so the body will be fresh, healthy, and productive.

Those are some noble reasons that people should also know on the importance of blood donation. It does not hurt to donate blood because reasons to donate blood also give many benefits for every blood donor. Furthermore, what to do if someone wants to donate blood? We also need to find out who can and cannot donate blood and how often someone can donate blood? In general, the candidate needs to wait for 8 weeks before the whole blood donation. It is in 16 weeks between power red donations.

These come to requirements related to the importance of blood donation. Moreover, people can donate 350ml of blood every 8 week at any hospital or organization. The donor’s age should be between 18-60 years with weight more than 45 kg. Those people can be considered as people who are able to donate blood. Absolutely, it can be done after the required period which is about 56 days. It aims to give times for blood to recover the blood cells level inside the body. In case of finding organizations which are able to accommodate blood donation process, there are two national organizations in United States. They are America’s Blood Centers and American Red Cross.

Requirements and Tips to Donate Blood

  1. America’s Blood Centers

Same as most blood donation process, the candidate must follow guidelines for a safe and successful blood donation experience. Importance of blood donation must be relied upon their required blood donors. Do not assume that you cannot donate. You are ready to give blood and save people’s lives after meeting this blood donation eligibility:

  • Be at least 16 or 17 years old.

This will depend on the state.

  • Weight at least 110 pounds.
  • Have no prohibited medical conditions

It may prevent one to donate blood if he/she has, had, or got certain health conditions.

These tips to donate blood (before, at the blood center, and after) help you deal with the importance of blood donation.


  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat nutritious and well-balanced food
  • Bring a government issued state ID like driver license, passport, DMV ID card, school ID, etcetera.
  • Be in a good health

At the local blood donation community

  • Registration: overview of eligibility requirements and information relating to process.
  • Complete donor health history questionnaire by honesty.
  • Do mini physical examination led by staff.
  • Blood donation process takes up 10 minute so make sure to be just relaxed.
  • Try simple technique of applied muscle tension during the donation.

After donation

  • Wait staff to help you to rise from donor bed or chair.
  • Follow instructions to the refreshment area for water and snacks.
  • In the area, drink plenty of water and remain for 15 minutes.
  • Eat next meals which are healthy.
  • Follow instructions from blood center on how to take care body after donation.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Schedule next blood donation.
  1. American Red Cross

This is another national based blood donation organization in United States. As requirements come as one importance of blood donation, follow these guidelines before.

  • Be in general good health

It means you can perform normal activities, feel well, not under particular medical treatment or conditions.

  • Be at least 17 years.

For those at 16 years, parental consent must be owned.

  • Weight at least 110 lb.

Additional requirements of weight apply for donors 18 years old and or younger and high school donors.

Tips by American Red Cross

Almost the same as guidelines by America’s Blood Centers, there are additional tips to note which is one of importance of blood donation.

  • Monitor your iron level by consuming iron rich foods like red meat, poultry, beans, iron-fortified cereals, spinach, fish, and raisins.
  • Drink more water or non alcoholic beverage.
  • Avoid fat rich food.
  • For platelet donor, do not consume aspirin for two days.
  • Make sure your elbow can be reached easily.
  • Tell the staff your preferred arm and show good veins.
  • Talk to other donors or listen to the music to help to keep in relax.
  • Tips in previous (America’s Blood Centers) are be valid for this too so do those as well.

For more information, facts on importance of blood donation, process, etcetera, call their contact or go visit on preferred organization official website.

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