Vehicle Modifications For Disabled Drivers Support and Service

Vehicle Modifications For Disabled Drivers Support – Anyone with disability problems sometimes gets difficult when the person has to drive, get in, and get out of the vehicle. If it happens to you, you can modify your vehicle.

To modify your vehicle, of course, you have to prepare a big amount of budget. Some people have to break their bank just to make it easier to drive. In case you cannot afford the cost, you can find help such as applying for vehicle modifications granted by your government.


List Of Vehicle Modifications For Disabled Drivers Support

  1. Vehicle Modification for New Zealand Citizen (Accessible and Enable New Zealand) –

If you are living in New Zealand and you have to face long-term disability which is not covered by ACC, it is possible for you to get some funding assistance to modify your vehicle. There are small cases help you to purchase a vehicle and then modified.

How to get this aid?

If you want to get vehicle modifications funding, you have to talk to occupational therapists and they will work to:

  • Complete the assessment for your needs
  • Identify vehicle modifications that can support you to study or work or to look after someone whose life depends on you.
  • To help you whether you are eligible or not to get funding assistance from the Ministry of Health for vehicle modifications and vehicle purchases.
  • Advise you to get funding sources and suggest you choose the options you can buy or change yourself.

If you need all the information about the assessment process, you can go here:

Kinds of vehicle modifications

With the help of an occupational therapist, you can get help finding the best way to get around the community such as being a passenger in a modified vehicle, driving a modified vehicle, and others.

  • If you want to be the driver of the vehicle, it means that your disability needs and your driving ability or your potency to learn to drive will be assessed. They may recommend hand controls, hoists, and safe ways of transporting your wheelchair and seating.
  • If you are living with a disabled child, the assessment will be on their safety needs such as the seating, safety restraints, transporting wheelchairs safely, ramps as well as hosts.

How Accessible and Enable New Zealand Works

They receive applications from therapists. After that, they check the application to make sure that the assessor has advised for different support, equipment, and transports available. It means that the type of vehicle and the equipment you will get depends on the assessment. It is important because the vehicle modifications you will receive are suitable and useful for your needs.

Once the application is approved, they can modify your vehicle or they can purchase a suitable vehicle and the funding will be started to modify.

To apply for this funding service, here is the contact:

  • Accessible (Auckland/Northland)
  • Ph 0508 001 002
  • Fax 09 620 1702
  • Enable New Zealand (rest of New Zealand)
  • Ph 0800 17 1981
  • Fax 06 353 5876
  1. SWEP (State-Wide Equipment Program) –

The next way you can get help is by joining this program. They have the Vehicle Modifications Subsidy Scheme (VMSS) as the way to provide various vehicle modifications starting from minor modifications (hands control and others) as well as major modifications (lowered floor conversions, permanent ramps, and hoists). There will be prescribing Occupational Therapist (OT) or VicRoads Accredited Driver Assessor to assess your needs so they can advise you to get the most appropriate and safe modification before applying vehicle modifications for disabled drivers.

What Can VMSS Help?

They provide funding for the following modifications:

  • Ramps permanently secured to vehicles
  • Oxygen cylinder restraint system
  • Wheelchair restraint systems
  • Air condition for people with thermo-regulatory conditions
  • Specialized seating
  • Modified driving controls
  • Specialized lifters, carriers, and trailers for wheelchairs
  • Conversion of vehicles for wheelchair access

Do I Eligible?

To be eligible, you must be a Victorian resident and living independently in the community with a long-term disability or frail aged.

Please check the A&EP guidelines and VMSS Guidelines. About the eligibility, go to the Applying for VMSS section or the VMSS FAQ section.

Available contact

Call: 1300 747 937


  1. Motability Ireland (

If you are living in Ireland, there are two grants or tax relief schemes provided to disabled drivers as well as disabled passengers.

  • VRT7 Tax Relief Scheme From Irish Revenue Commissioners

Disabled drivers, can be eligible to get a reduction on VAT and VRT when they purchase a vehicle that is adapted to their needs.

Qualified disabled drivers can get more than 9,525 euros off on the purchase of VAT and VRT.

Qualified disabled passengers can get more than 15,875 off on the purchase of VAT and VRT.

That is the maximum limit and there are some rules to apply.

How to start the process?

Their office gets 10 calls per week. The document that you should obtain is the “Primary Medical Certificate” which is only one authority for this document issue. The necessary paperwork can be received simply by contacting your Local Area Health Board and requesting the form of the certificate. Fill out the form and return it to them. The papers will be processed and you will be called to get the assessment from one of the Health Board’s physicians.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility is very clear and not subjective. Here are the criteria:

  • The applicant is almost wholly or wholly without the use of legs.
  • The applicant is wholly without the use of one leg and almost wholly without the use of other legs so the applicant is totally restricted to movement of lower limbs.
  • The applicant has no hands or no arms.
  • The applicant has only one leg or has no legs.
  • The applicant is wholly or almost wholly without hands or arms or without one leg.
  • The applicant has a medical condition of serious difficulties in the movement of lower limbs and dwarfism.

After Being Granted With The Primary Medical Certificate

What should you do next? Fill out a DD1 form and send it to Revenue in Monaghan to get tax relief on a vehicle purchased for use by disabled people. Of course, you will receive different methods if you purchase a used vehicle.

To get the form, contact 1890 606 061 or (047) 62100, 01 8359173


Send your completed application form to:

  • Disabled Drivers Section
  • Central Repayments Office
  • MTek 2 Centre
  • Armagh Road
  • Monaghan
  • Co. Monaghan

Important Rule

The engine size must be less than 2,000 cc’s for disabled drivers and less than 4,000 cc for disabled passengers. Or, your revenue commission will be rejected.

Disabled drivers are not required to spend a minimum amount on conversion features.

About Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)

The description above is also applied to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles which are converted and then sold by Motability Ireland. They purchase various models from manufacturers and then convert them to meet the exacting standards.

  1. Queensland Government (

Don’t let your disability affect your ability to travel. You can do some modifications to enable you with a disability to drive and travel safely as a passenger.

Mobility Aids

You can go with several options if you want to transport collapsible wheelchairs such as rear-mounted hooks as well as roof hoists.

To transport a motorized mobility aid such as a scooter or wheelbase, you can use trailers, ramps, and other electrically operated lifters.

The vehicle should be modified to give large space for you to accommodate the scooter or wheelchair, for example, a minivan, SUV, or high-roof station wagon.

What is the regulation?

To learn the modification regulations before applying, you can check here:

What is the financial help to purchase or modify a vehicle?

It is available to get financial help, especially for eligible people with disability go here:

  1. Hawaii Office of Veterans Services (OVS)

For you who are a Hawaii resident and you need a new or used wheelchair van, you can apply this one as a state disability grant. You can lease or buy. Even it is possible to get financial aid for installing a ramp and other things to do the modifications.

OVS for example, is a liaison between the US Department of Veterans Affairs, in-state veterans, and together with other veterans groups including State and Federal agencies. They will facilitate you to give services and supports especially if you are veterans through your military participation. If you have limited mobility, they can support you to give a disability grant such as vehicle modifications for disabled drivers.


  • Tripler Army Medical Center
  • 459 Patterson Road
  • E-Wing, Room 1-A103
  • Honolulu, HI 96819
  • (808) 433-0420

Get more information by visiting their page at

If you didn’t find any list to support in your living area, we suggest you to talk charitable organizations near you especially those who have great concern for disabled people. There are many award disability grants and if they cannot help, you still get help to get other sources. Just never stop to try and you will find!


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