Financial Assistance for Veterans in Texas

Financial Assistance for Veterans in Texas – Armed Forces veterans often face a challenging task to properly start their life back in their home country. This is especially true for ex-soldiers who have been serving the Armed Forces abroad. Although some come back with success stories, some others are not so lucky. These people often have to rely on financial aid. The same thing happens for military personnel who are living in the Texas area.

This post is dedicated to providing information that can help veterans living in Texas who are searching for some form of financial aid. There are several programs from the government out there, and most of them are giving out the money based on the income and other parameters:


Available Financial Assistance for Veterans in Texas

Tax Exemption for Veterans

First off, the Texas government has a policy that provides tax exemption for the eligible veterans and their family. Disabled veterans or spouses and minor children of a soldier died during active duty are eligible for tax exemptions. Of course, the disability has to be recorded and acknowledged by the Department of Veterans Affairs or a branch of the Armed Forces – American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces

The American Red Cross provides several programs that may be able to help members and ex-members of the Armed Forces financially. However, the financial assistance is only available for emergency. The Red Cross also provides other services for military families, including counseling, referrals, and verification for emergency leaves – Army Emergency Relief’s Emergency Financial Assistance

There’s an emergency financial assistance for veterans in Texas available from the Army Emergency Relief. Aside of providing financial aid for retired soldiers and active soldiers, this agency can also help the family members of the veterans – American Legion – Department of Texas

The American Legion Department of Texas is also a good source of temporary financial assistance. This organization based their program’s eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Aside of the temporary financial aid for veterans in Texas, the program may also be able to provide referrals, job training, etc. – Air Force Program

For those who had served in the Air Force, there are two programs available, including the Wounded Warrior program and the Aid Society program. The first program – the wounded warrior program – is a great source for personal care assistance. Air Force Veterans who have injuries or sickness caused by the combat-related duties are eligible for this help. Note that minor injuries are usually off the list. Only veterans with serious injury or illness that require long-term care are eligible. Aside of the emergency financial assistance, there are also family counseling, transition assistance, financial counseling, relocation and employment.

Meanwhile, the Air Force Aid Society Randolph can provide the members of the family of retired veterans with grants for their education.

Most of the government-based financial assistance for veterans in Texas is administered by Texas Department of Veterans Affairs. Therefore, it is a great idea to visit the office and ask about the available benefit for veterans of Armed Forces living in TX.


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