Goodwill Car Donation

Have you considered the Goodwill car donation program? If you have a car that has broken down and you are not sure how to get rid of it from your driveway or garage, you can always donate it for good use. Nowadays you can easily find advertisements claiming that they accept car donations and you’ll get the tax deduction, but the real problem with this is finding a reputable organization that uses the car for something good.

One thing is for sure, Goodwill is one of those reputable nonprofit organizations that can help you help the community. They accept any vehicle, not limited to cars. So if you have other vehicles such as truck, van, SUV, RV, trailer, Jet Ski, or even airplane you can easily donate them if you’d like!


Donating a Car to Goodwill

They also accept these vehicles (including cars) under any condition. This allows you to be free from the effort of repairing the vehicle before you donate. Logically, the amount of tax deductible you get is also considerably lower than the amount obtained from a running vehicle, but if you only want to get rid of the junk you can do that just fine. Another important benefit is that the donation is totally free on your part. This means that you don’t have to worry about towing the car, because Goodwill will cover the fee for you.

We’ve talked a bit about the tax deduction, haven’t we? Well, that is another benefit of giving car donation to Goodwill. After Goodwill gets the money from selling your vehicle, you can claim the tax-deductible certified by the IRS. Actually, this benefit is not available exclusively for Goodwill. If you donate your car you are bound to be eligible to receive the tax deductible!

Now here’s the important part: how does Goodwill use the money? Where is the donation money going?

Many nonprofit organizations that accept this kind of donation have mission-focused programs. They can be pretty different in each organization. For example, the Salvation Army car donation money is typically used to help the eligible veterans in the United States to improve their life. Meanwhile, the Goodwill car donation money is used mostly for helping needy people to get employment or jobs. That said, a portion of the money is usually used to pay the National Charity Services’ management fees, which include administrative costs, car towing, auction and sale costs.

How to Donate Car to Goodwill

Donating is very easy! The first thing you do is to contact the organization via their official website or phone call to 1-855-390-0929. They will ask you a couple of questions, including your car’s model, location, and your contact information.  After that, they will do some arrangement and call you back in a day or two. Then they will ask you a convenient time for you for pickup.

On the promised day, they will pick the car up for free and you will be given a donation receipt after you sign the title over to goodwill. Contact the DMV and de-register the car. Remember to keep a copy of the donation receipt, license tag, and registration, because you might need them too if you want to cancel the car insurance coverage.

If you have further questions related to the Goodwill car donation program, you can always ask the questions when you contact them via telephone.

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