Government Assistance For Convicted Felons

Convicted felons often feel unsure once they are released from their time in prison. Blending with society after you are convicted is not an easy task, and government assistance for convicted felons is badly needed. The assistance can come in various forms, but the one that these people need is the help to find them a proper job or at least start a business.

There are several government grants available for various purposes, including:

Workforce Investment Act Grant

This program aims to fund programs that mentor, train basic skills, and provide job training for ex-felons. Felons who were sentenced as adults and are currently more than 18 years old of age may be able to get benefits from such programs. However, this program excludes the sex offenders. Remember that it’s a training program, so it doesn’t provide you with direct employment, but it increases your value in potential employers.


The Second Chance Act

The Second Chance Act is a good program that also provides mentoring and job advice. It is administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance in every state, and there may be some differences in their eligibility requirements. Visit the office and ask if you are eligible for the program.

The Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Several state-based programs can help convicted felons to connect with people, businesses, companies or organizations that can help them find jobs or provide financial assistance to help the convicted felons to start their own entrepreneur career. The grants are typically small, but we recommend ex-felons to apply anyway because you can never tell what comes next as an opportunity.

Small Business Association Grant

The Small Business Association office offers various programs that promote entrepreneur and small business started by people who are at risk, including convicted felons. The financial assistance usually comes in the form of loan with low-interest rate and long repayment time. There are some grants too, although the competition is quite hard.

Angel Investors

First off, let’s admit that finding an independent business investor can be quite hard for people who have been convicted. However, it is not impossible. All you need is a solid business plan and bright idea. You also need to be able to present yourself well. If you do have these two factors, then you may have a chance getting an angel investor for your business. Alternatively, looking for help from family members and friends can also help.

Other Sources of Information

For more information, we recommend you to visit grants gov website that may be able to help you find the grant money you need. You can also rely on the National Re-Entry Resource Center for additional information, help and guidance.

There are still many other programs available from your state government. We recommend you to visit your Department of Human Services, make an appointment with a social worker and explain your condition. Based on that condition the social worker will help you find the local programs or other government assistance for convicted felons available for you.

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