How to Get University of Houston Scholarships

If you want to get University of Houston Scholarships then you should know first about how to get a scholarship in Houston. Setting your target into a single excellent university like the University of Houston might help you concentrate in focusing your effort and achieving the goal. However it’s also not a bad thing to prepare for another target just in case you can’t get the University Of Houston Scholarship, broaden your target. Here we will provide you with step by step guide on how to apply for a university scholarship as well as a list of some scholarship available in Houston:

  1. The very first step to get a scholarship is to visit the FAFSA website at, fill in and complete the FAFSA form. Later after you finished completing the form, the FAFSA will send your SAR or Student aid report to your selected university, in this case the University of Houston. The SAR will be used by the University financial aid office to process your application in the time you apply for scholarships. Note that you will need your most recent tax return in order to fill out the FAFSA form.
  2. Pay a visit to the university you are interested in, talk to the financial aid officer and ask them about various possible scholarships and grants option to help you pay for the expenses. You should ask about specific requirements and application form for the scholarship or you can also check on the universities website to find the scholarship application form.
  3. Once you get the scholarship for the university you are interested in and eligible for the next step is to fill out and later submit the application. Remember that you do not have to pay money for this application process, so if a website or anyone asking money from you for this it is likely a scam, so be careful.
  4. Check on the specific requirement needed for the scholarship application. Some of the may require you to write an essay or other specific requirements for the scholarship application.
  5. Complete your scholarship application by attaching supplemental materials such as transcripts and recommendation letters. You can get the recommendation letter from your teacher or headmaster from your previous school. As for transcripts, you can enquire for it from the record office.
  6. Before finally submitting the scholarship application form, check and re-check to make sure every question is answered with no typing mistake. Also, checks on the requirements needed are all attached. After you sure there is no mistake, send it to the university before the deadline.


University of Houston Scholarships Provider:

  • University of Houston Alumni Association
  • Greater Houston Community Foundation
  • Houston Branch Scholarships
  • Hamman Foundation

All of them are offering scholarship, including University of Houston Scholarships, to Houston residents. Each has different requirement and eligibility, visit each organizations website for more detailed information about the scholarship.


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