Grants for Dental Work

Looking for grants for dental work? You’re not alone. There are many people are struggling to pay for many kinds of dental work, including dentures and crowns. As you may have known, medical procedures are expensive in the United States. The same goes for dental procedures like crowns, tooth replacement, or dentures. I think everyone agrees that a perfect set of teeth is very important for your look. It doesn’t matter what age you are, many people feel less confident when they lose one or more of their teeth.

I’m going, to be honest with you. It’s very hard to find grants for dental work. However, there are other alternative options you may try.


Grants to Help Pay for Dental Work

List of Grants for Dental Work Provider

      • Medicaid

Medicaid has gone through significant changes over the years. Arguably, the decision to remove most of the dental advantages from adults is one of the most voiced complaints. Currently, full dental coverage is only available for children under 19 years of age that comes from low-income families. The Medicaid policy differs from state to state. Some only allow preventive dental care and tooth extractions, while some other allows partial dentures. Check your local department of health and human services to learn whether your State’s Medicaid have an additional program for dental work or not.

      • Children’s Health Insurance Program

CHIP is a federal program that offers protection (which includes dentures) for children whose family’s income more than the Medicaid qualification limit. Just like the Medicaid, the children covered are the ones under 19 years of age. The benefit exceeds dentures procedure. If your kids are qualified for the CHIP program, then he/she will have full coverage dental insurance (with exception of several procedures like cosmetic dentistry etc)

      • National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped

Elderly and disabled people benefit from the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped. This organization have an extensive network of dentists and also dental laboratories that work together to provide dental services for the disabled, medically compromised, and elderly people. Check the NFDH website to learn more about their grant eligibility requirements in your State.

In general, there are no available grants for dental work for adult people. It’s the harsh truth. Luckily, some alternatives can provide you with a reduced or discount price for dental services, which may include several procedures including dentures. Below are your options:

      • Search Local Organization

There are some local organizations that provide financial assistance and information in regards to health care, including dental care. The Women’s Auxiliary and Rotary Club may provide a financing option for eligible adult women. Kiwanis also provides the same financing option. If you are eligible and able to repay the debt, then these organization may be a good solution. Worry not, the financing interest rate is very low.

  • Search Low-Cost Dental Services

The last option is to search for low-cost dental service providers. Go to dental school in your local area and ask whether they have a dental clinic working or not. It all depends on each school policy, but dental school clinics often offer very cheap dental service for low-income patients. Another way is to use the United Way website. This is a great source to find low-cost dental services in the area.

Grants for dental work are basically available for children, the elderly, and the disabled. However, there are other good alternatives for those who don’t fall into these categories.

PS: For a Muslim, changing God’s creation in our bodies is strictly prohibited, including dental implants. If teeth implants are done for decoration, then the law becomes unlawful. Likewise with healthy teeth are deliberately removed to plant teeth. Unless there is an emergency reason. Teeth implants do not fall into the category of changing what Allah has created, since it is replacing what has been destroyed or disappeared. Islam allows teeth implants as much as other implants for organs that are not there anymore.

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