Free Dentures for The Poor

Free Dentures for The Poor – Dentures are not cheap, that is a fact that everybody has to face these days. The cost of dental procedures in the United States is very high, some people even recommend that we should go abroad and visit Mexico to receive a significantly cheaper dental procedure, including dentures.

Looking for dentures for the poor can be quite daunting, especially if you don’t have any insurance or other means that can help you cover the cost. The cost of dentures is determined by the quality. Below are some typical costs of dentures based on its quality in the United States:

  • The basic dentures cost is somewhere between $300 and $500 per teeth, which is relatively cheap. However, these dentures usually come with standard size and there is no custom fit. They also don’t seem as natural as the other dentures and don’t last as long.
  • The mid-range dentures cost is somewhere between $500 and $1,500 per teeth. This is the most common dentures used in the United States. The dentures can last up to 3 years, and it has better look and fit than the basic dentures.
  • The premium dentures cost is around $2,000 to $4,000 per teeth. The price comes with quality, of course. It uses much better material compared to the basic dentures, so it looks much more natural and lasts up to 10 years longer than the other types of dentures. This premium denture is custom fit, so it can fill the gap beautifully.

Remember, these are the price for the dentures ONLY. There may be several other costs you have to cover. For example, the costs of possible tooth extraction and X-rays.


Dental Help for Poor People

Free Dentures for the Poor Sources

There are several sources you can try to seek help from. Here’s the list:


The Federal government indeed has removed the obligation to include dental care coverage in the Medicaid program, however, each State has a different policy about this matter. For example, some State may only offer preventive dental care, while another State may offer full dental coverage for the poor, which include dentures.

Therefore, the best way to be sure about this is to visit your Department of Health or your local Medicaid office and ask whether you are eligible for free or low-cost denture procedures. It is important to note that not every dentist in your town may accept Medicaid, due to the delayed payment from the government. Make sure to ask the dentist office beforehand if they accept Medicaid or not.

Dental Charity Events

To learn about the available dental care charities in your city, you should make a call or visit your State’s dental association. Usually, the dental association has good information about dental charities in your local area. Write these events down, contact the charity directly and ask how to apply for the event. Follow their instruction. It is best to apply for several dental charities at once to get a higher chance of success.

Remember, if you can’t find free dentures for the poor, you may want to check dental school clinics near you to get cheap dental care.

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