Know About the Best Grants for Laptops for College Students

In the present world, a laptop has become practically necessary – especially when you are applying for a college or job. Therefore, the government, as well as some nonprofit organizations, offer a few grants for laptops for college students. These assistant programs provide laptops for absolutely free. In case you don’t qualify for a free computer, you can then apply for more programs that allow you to purchase a laptop at a very low cost.


Ways to get grants for laptops for college students –

Always remember that you just cannot call the government and ask for a free laptop, no matter your circumstances are. A program like that simply doesn’t exist!

However, that does not mean you don’t have any other option.

There are many government-funded programs that provide free or low-cost laptops to people who need it, especially students.

Therefore, the best option to get grants for laptops for college students is to get in touch with

  • Department of Social and Health Services: This government department can assist you by connecting with local programs and nonprofit organizations that provide the assistance you need.
  • This is a government site that gives you access to many government benefits you may qualify for.
  • In case you are affected by any recent hurricane or other natural disasters in the United States, then visiting this website can help you get free grants.

How can college students get a free laptop?

There are no magic wands for students to wave when they need financial help. However, but there are some Fairy Godmother organizations that want to help them by offering various assistance programs.

The Open Education Database –

The OEDb offers an extensive list of online universities that offer laptops and iPads to their students. Although some of these are free, others are paid, and the cost is included in the student’s registration fees.

Some of the prominent universities mentioned in the list are Rochester College, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Purdue University.

Notebooks for Students –

Created in 1998 by real college students, this is a nonprofit organization that understands and values the need for free and reduced-cost laptops for college students.

They also have other resources, such as free software for college students.

Carolina Computer Initiative –

This initiative has already distributed more than 30,000 laptops to students studying in North Carolina. Under this program, undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina are automatically considered for a laptop grant whenever they complete their school’s financial aid application or CSS profile before the annual deadline. It is necessary to complete the CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA in order to receive a laptop. Students who only complete the FAFSA are not eligible for the laptop grant.

The laptop grant covers only the basic purchase of laptops, but students can purchase more expensive products by adding their own funds to the purchase. But if you drop out of school, you must turn your laptop over to school officials.

Technology for the Future –

With a mission to empower the future generation, this organization offers students and families with laptops and digital resources. They believe in supporting innovative thinking, developing resources, and forming cooperation that generates new opportunities, better standards of living, along with aiding society.

However, one drawback is that they have a strict and lengthy application process.

Chickasaw Nation Laptop Grant –

This educational initiative of an Indian tribe offers its students a scholarship for laptops. The assistance program also provides additional funds for other essential elements of the university, such as textbooks and clothing. The requirements are somewhat low since the Chickasaw Award awards anyone who maintains a 2.0 GPA or higher and scholarships for those with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Therefore, they are relatively easy to request and also to receive.

An alternative way to get a free laptop –

Having a laptop is extremely important for college students to study or even get a job. It is now an undeniable fact!

This is the reason many employers, as well as schools, are taking a leap and issuing free or discounted laptops to their employees and students.

Often you may not eligible for any grant or other assistance programs that offer free laptops. This is when you can search for what might be available to you through your employer or school.

Several institutes give away laptops for free or at least at low costs to their students so that every student can have access to equal and easy education. You might find several other resources waiting for you that are not being heavily advertised by your employers or school.

Or, you can ask your guidance counselor about your need. Often, colleges have special grants that are especially for needy students. This way, you may easily get a free laptop from your school.

When it comes to your job, your boss may also pitch in for a free or discounted laptop if you need one for work purposes and can’t afford it on your own.

Just remember that it never hurts to ask!

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The bottom line –

When looking for grants for laptops for college students, we suggest you use to do a bit of research on the internet. This also applies for any other type of college funding. Additionally, since there are thousands of students applying for the same grant, make sure you mention what makes you unique from others. Find out programs and organizations dedicated to helping those same students like you.

Keep in mind that most scholarship and grant funds can be used to purchase items needed to complete a college degree. In almost all cases, the funds can be used to purchase a laptop. This may sometimes be not described as a laptop grant!