Want Free Baby Stuffs? Here are 10 Possible Ways to Save You Money

Babies are the most wonderful thing in the world. Babies bring cheers of happiness and contentment to life. The cuddling smile, the tender touch, the sleepy eyes, and the curly pink fingers can hold the breath for a while. Families who are blessed with a newborn are the luckiest among all, but it comes with their own responsibility.

For the healthy upbringing of babies, money is extremely important. Baby stuff now a day is quite expensive. It becomes really difficult for low-income families to purchase diapers, baby food, feeding bottles, clothes, and baby seats for the car– the list can be huge and pretty expensive too.

10 Ways to Get Free Baby Stuffs for Low-Income Families

#1 – Walmart

Walmart retail shops gift-free surprises for babies when you create a birth registry with them online or through the Walmart app. First, you will receive a welcome box filled with cool surprises. Next, Walmart will provide you with an opportunity to buy a wide range of baby products at a discounted rate. Suppose you need a baby stroller, car seat, or a feeding bottle only, you can show the registration details and earn benefits. Suppose you feel unsatisfied with the product quality or design style, then Walmart gives you the freedom of return. Walmart has created this program to provide free baby stuff for low-income families only.

#2 – Amazon

Amazon, one of the top-known e-commerce websites for shopping for baby stuff offers free help for low-income families. Couples who are unable to bear the expensive baby stuff can get those things without investing a lot of money. Amazon offers free registration for babies and Prime members. You will receive a free welcome box filled with loads of baby stuff and a free book for better parenting.

#3 – The Honest Company

Founded by famous Hollywood star Jessica Alba, the Honest Company offers free baby stuff for expecting mothers, who have registered for it. If you sign up with Honest, the company will give a FREE Discovery kit filled with safe and hygienic diapering essentials featuring advanced leak-proof technology, including a pack of 5 diapers and 10 baby wipes. Delivery is not free; you have to pay a sum of $5.95 for shipping the items to your address.

#4 – Ikea

Ikea is a globally recognized furniture and home accessory brand. Ikea designs an amazing range of kid’s furniture also. If you want a crib for your newborn or a separate bed, then you need to join the IKEA Family loyalty program. In this program, you will get an opportunity to win a gift card worth $100. IKEA Family members can get an exclusive range of products at a discounted price, in addition to a special offer, better ideas, and inspiration which you can redeem in-store or online.

#5 – Huggies

Huggies, the leading diaper brand offer rewards and offers for babies. Any family who needs baby stuff for free can register to earn rewards points. The company conducts some surveys, where you can participate and earn rewards points. Share the story on your Facebook, Twitter, or social media group. You can earn reward points by referring your friends. Every friend who will join will get 500 points to his/her credit. For every reference to your friend, you will earn 50 points in your credit once the person joins the program. The points earned are redeemable; you can use them to purchase diapers and wipes for your babies. Huggies program offers free diapers for low-income families.

#6 – Enfamil

Enfamil is a leader in infant formula products; the company offers rewards of $400 for families with a newborn. Anyone can join the Enfamil Family Beginning program, where you can get free gifts or free baby stuff for low-income families. You can also get baby formula coupons, samples, and a chance to get a free baby formula for at least one year.

#7 – BabyLeggings.com

Baby Leggings is a website that sells mother and baby products online. You can get cute leggings for your baby without any payment. The company gives free baby leggings worth $50 using promotional codes. You can even choose any pattern you wish. Baby Leggings site often has promotions that include a host of free goodies and giveaways. Sign up to the mailing list to get updates about free coupons, rewards, special offers, and many more things.

#8 – Kindle

Kindle is the best online site to get free e-books. You can download free books for parenting; this will help you to understand the various aspects of better parenting. Kindle also provides books for kids of all ages. You can keep your kids hooked by reading stories, and poems, doing puzzles, and reading quiz books. Books will help them to develop knowledge; since 85 percent of kids’ mental ability growth happens between zero to three years of age.  You just load them on your tablet or any mobile device and your kids will keep learning by themselves.

#9 – Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is well-known for selling detergents, diapers, and cleaners. The company has created a community called – Generation Good. Here you can get in touch with new parents; they will help you understand the best ways for parenting. They will share ideas, tips, and suggestions, participate in group events and preview new products. Parents can get free baby stuff and get to try out new products for free.

#10 – Baby Cubby

Babycubby.com is an online store for all types of baby products. Here, you can find a wide range of free baby stuff for low-income families such as Backpacks, satchels, infant car seats, single strollers, stroller accessories, bath toys, play mats, books, baby clothes, and more. Sign up for their Reward Program by simply opening an account. In return, you will earn points and free credits. Know more about the program; by visiting the website itself.

These are the ten best places to find free baby stuff. There are others. Also, you can search through them online and access the offers and reward programs.

Bottom Line

It’s no secret that maintaining a baby’s expenses is really difficult for a low-income family. But, there are lots of ways to find free baby stuff, samples, and giveaways. Keep in mind; babies do not demand a lot of costly things to maintain. Only a few important things to keep them safe, fed, and warm are enough. If you have any doubts, you can ask your friends, family, or experts in the respective field for suggestions.


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