The American Red Cross Funeral Help: How to Get the Financial Help for Funeral for the Military Members and Their Family

If you look for information about the American Red Cross Funeral Help, you should know that not everybody is eligible for the help. For some people, paying for a funeral can be very difficult, especially if the death is so unexpected. This is a very emotional moment for them and their loved ones. Many people have already prepared for the funeral fund, but often the fund is not enough. Even if you have prepared for funeral funds, anything that will make you search for help can happen just like that. However, you don’t have to worry too much. You are not alone. There are always ways to help you fund the funeral of your loved one.

If you are a military family, the American Red Cross Funeral Help will be there for you to fund the funeral or burial of your loved one. You should meet the requirement though. If you are not a military member, or if you don’t come from a military family, there are many ways to get help as well. The company where the deceased worked for will help you surely. You also can get help from religious organizations, Charitable Organizations, Municipal Governments, and other organizations. You can contact them anytime. See the explanation of how to get financial help from the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross Funeral Help Requirement

We have known that the American Red Cross provides financial assistance to the military families who meet the requirement in the times of needs and crises. When doing its duty, the American Red Cross works with various societies of aids that make the duty so reliable in an emergency. The American Cross works under the agreements of partnerships with the Army Emergency Relief, the Navy-Marine Corps, the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, and the Air Force Aid.

Types of assistance offered by the American Red Cross to Military Family

In tragedy or emergency, the US Red Cross will help military families with foods, shelters, travel funds, and funds for a funeral.
The American Red Cross Funeral Help and other Assistance: Those who are eligible

If you are a military retiree together with your spouse, or if you are the widow or widower of a military retiree, you are eligible to get a financial help from the American Red Cross. An active military member and his/her immediate family are also eligible. An activated Reserve Unit or National Guard member and his/her family are also those who will get a financial help from the American Red Cross when facing an emergency or tragedy.

Things to do to get financial service from the American Red Cross

When you need the American Red Cross Funeral Help and you decide to call the American Red Cross, here is the official contact number: 1-877-271-7337. This number can be contacted every time you are in emergency and tragedy. When calling, you should be ready with the personal information of the family member, such as legal full names, social security number, date of birth, rating or rank, military unit address, and the information of home base and deployed unit if the military member is deployed. The care center is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year. It is also possible if you want to submit financial help online.

If you need an emergency assistance, just click this link submit a request online. With your tablet, PC, laptop, and smartphone as long as they are connected to the internet, you can submit a request and track the progress easily. You can install free the Hero Care App in your Apple devices. This way is easy enough to access both vital and non-vital information for veterans, military families, and of course, family members. Another easy way to get the American Red Cross Funeral Help and other assistance is text to 90999 and type GETHEROCARE. If you decide to submit the request help online you may have to learn it from

Now, you have seen why those who are not military members or don’t belong to a military family, they are not eligible to get the American Red Cross Funeral Help. However, in most states, the welfare department will give financial assistance for a funeral to the indigent people. The American Red Cross only pays for the funerals that are caused by disasters.

How the American Red Cross helps

The American Red Cross provides relieves for any kinds of disasters in the USA. People in the American Red Cross are famous for they greatly have helped people having to face Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Maria, floods, tornadoes, earthquake, wildfires, and Super-storm Sandy. The American Red Cross is also great in dealing with home fires. Its people serve the victims having to face disasters by adapting to the victims’ needs. After reading the requirement, those who are not eligible to get the American Red Cross Funeral Help—non-military people will be sure to get help from other institutions.

Types of Services from the American Red Cross

  • The American Red Cross is available with trained employees and volunteers. All of them are ready to post in the area hit by disasters. Ninety percent of people in the American Red Cross are volunteers coming from all over the country.
  • The American Red Cross is available with special vehicles to circulate the affected areas and take victims to a safe place. They are also available with foods, supplies, information, and comfort to hand out to the victims.
  • The victims are to stay at a safe place and served with hot meals. They are also eligible to get any support from the trained volunteers. One victim staying at a shelter is considered an overnight stay, so if there are four members in a family, they will get twelve overnight stays altogether.
  • Victims will get physical and mental health supports. The volunteers will provide first aid for injuries, emotional support, monitoring, etc.
  • The American Red Cross will also available with any supplies needed in an emergency. They are ready with rakes, shovels, tarps, trash bags, etc.
  • All of the victims in the affected areas will get hot meals, waters, and snacks.

So, one more time, please be sure that you understand that the American Red Cross gives financial assistance, which can be used for a funeral, for a military member and his/her family only. There are many social organizations if you are not eligible. Don’t forget to contact the official number of the American Red Cross or click the link for the submission. Hopefully, you are now more well-informed with this information about the American Red Cross Funeral Help.

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