Mini Dental Implant Cost And Procedure You Must Know

What is a mini dental implant? Is it a true mini or something else? Well, if you think that you need something instead of a traditional dental implant, then the best answer is mini dental implants. We use it when you want to have a smaller implant, not the average implant.

Additionally, it is a good choice for filling the extra narrow space. This treatment is the ideal choice for those with small teeth. Here are all the things you should know about this treatment.

The mini dental implant procedure

It is important to know that this type of implant is only for specific cases. Unlike other cosmetic dentures, you cannot choose this procedure just because you like the smaller implants. So, your dentist will strongly recommend you to take this treatment because of the following situations:

  • To replace the front teeth
  • You have small teeth
  • They have to work for the teeth in a narrow space
  • To support premolar replacement

As a kind of dental prosthesis, the dentist will use it as an implant, not an adhesive. The big reason is that it is more secure which means more comfort and more natural.

So, your dentist will recommend you to take this treatment if you need premolar replacement, if you have small teeth, or if you need front teeth. The procedure is similar to the procedure of doing a regular dental implant. Since the implants are smaller, the procedure takes less time, is less invasive, and offers a shorter period of recovery. First, your dentist will insert the mini implant. On the first day, you may feel it is not comfortable at all and that is normal. The dentist will start the procedure by doing small incisions in your gums. Once the dentist made small holes by drilling into the jawbone, he places the posts into the jaw. Also, the procedure is less invasive.


So, it is possible for your dentures to stabilize at the same day. After the placement of dental mini implants, you may feel discomfort in the first couple of days. Therefore, your dentist will give you pain medication to handle the pain. To reduce the discomfort, it is better to avoid sticky, hard, and chewy foods for some days. Once your gums have completely healed, it is possible to continue your normal diet.

Mini dental implants vs. traditional implants

As its name, mini implants mean that the implants are really small. But, if we talk about the size of the implants, it is actually the same as the traditional implant. So, the diameter is like a toothpick. Mini implants are great even though there is no more bone you have there. Even better, it is much greater than traditional implants.

How about a traditional implant? This implant is from two pieces together of an external screw that goes into the bone. As of the diameter, it is up to mm. Also, this implant is great even for various types of dentures because of the presence of a thread. Best of all, this implant has a multi-use feature.

On the other hand, the dental mini implant is made of one solid piece. Your dentist will screw it into the bone. But, the diameter is not more than 3 mm. This implant can support dentures because of the presence of a protrusion with the shape of a ball. Commonly, there is an O-ring added over the protrusion.

In comparison, a mini implant means that it is smaller than a traditional implant. So, if you want to support one traditional implant, it will take two mini implants to do so. Well, it does not mean that it is bad. You need smaller implants to complete the smaller space, aren’t you?

Meanwhile, traditional implants can last longer compare to mini implants. It is because the traditional implant is greater to distribute the weight. But, sometimes traditional implant is too big to fit in a small space. Therefore, you will need a mini dental implant as the only choice.

How Much Does The Treatment Cost?

It is surprising that the cost is less than the traditional implant. The average cost of a mini dental implant is between $500 and $1,500. Meanwhile, the cost of a traditional implant is at least $4,000 or up to $5,000.

There are some reasons why it offers less expensive prices compared to traditional dental implants. First, this procedure uses smaller screws. So, it is more affordable than the larger screws for a traditional dental implant.

Also, this procedure offers simpler steps. It is about inserting a mini implant and it is less invasive. Even better, it does not take too much time and you do not have to do any surgery at all. Since it is more affordable and less time to spend, therefore you will spend less money.

Your dentist also does not have to do bone grafting, especially for patients with a lower density of jaw bone. Since the steps are short, it means that you will spend less money. However, since mini implants are cheaper than traditional implants, it does not mean that the quality of this treatment is less than the traditional implant. It is just they offer different situations and different processes. Many experts recommend you have a budget of at least $1,500 for your mini dental implant.

The Lifespan of Mini dental implant

If you wonder how long does this implant last? Well, it depends on some factors below:

  1. Bone diseases, including osteoporosis
  2. Smoking
  3. Minimum implant care
  4. Substance abuse, including alcohol.

But, the most important thing to know is that every mouth is not the same. Two people who get this treatment on the same day may have a different lifespan of their implants. So, what can you do for caring for your dental implant by taking this procedure?

It is better to make sure that you clean around the implant area. If possible, you need a cotton swab to clean the O-ring and use the recommended toothpaste. After that, it is good to have mouthwash to clean your mouth. Continue the process of caring for your teeth by using a denture brush and brushing the empty space gently. Once you become adjusted to the new implant, clean it every day. The best time is to clean it after every meal and every time you want to sleep at night.

PS: For a Muslim, changing God’s creation in our bodies is strictly prohibited, including dental implants. If teeth implants are done for decoration, then the law becomes unlawful. Likewise healthy teeth are deliberately removed to plant teeth. Unless there is an emergency reason. Teeth implants do not fall into the category of changing what Allah has created, since it is replacing what has been destroyed or disappeared. Islam allows teeth implants as much as other implants for organs that are not there anymore.