Dental Grants to Get Teeth Fixed

Trying to find dental grants to get teeth fixed is often the only possible hope for people with no dental insurance. The cost of dental care in the United States is extremely high for some people, which make it literally impossible for them to properly take care of their teeth when something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that there are almost no dental grants available directly for each U.S. citizen who needs it. There are, however, grants from the federal government that is distributed to various state and local health care organizations, foundations, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities or programs.


The government programs are generally aimed towards people with low income. These programs are the Medicare and Medicaid. Note that several years ago there’s a change in the policy in the program which basically changes the status of dental care as optional, rather than necessary. This means that each state may or may not have dental benefits for adults. That said, the Medicaid still cover dental care for children up to 18 years old coming from low-income families.

Fortunately, there are still many states that offer dental benefits, including emergency dental care or perhaps even fixing your teeth. Therefore, if you are qualified for these programs you should apply and ask about your state’s Medicare or Medicaid policy on dental benefits.

To apply for Medicare, please visit the Social Security Administration office and get the application form there. If you want to apply for Medicaid, visit your state’s Department of Human Services for the application form. The staff there will assist you to go through the application process. If you have received your card (can take days or weeks), you can then search for a dentist that accept the program.

Indirect Dental Grants to Get Teeth Fixed

Meanwhile, other dental grants go for local and community healthcare organizations, allowing them to provide low-cost dental care. We highly recommend you to contact your state’s dental associations to learn about the available programs and their schedule in your area. Some programs (like Mission of Mercy) provide free dental clinics and traveling healthcare events!

Aside of your state’s dental association, you may want to try asking other community organizations and groups such as churches, schools, community colleges, community centers, libraries, or the United Way Agency office.

Of course, not every program can cover all of the dental care services. Usually, each of the programs offers different dental care solution. To make sure they support the dental procedure you need, please contact each of the programs individually. Ask about the eligibility, the expected fees for your procedure and how you can apply for it.

They should give you some of the requirements for their service. For example, some of these programs require you to prove that you really come from a low-income family. In general, you need to prepare your copy of proof of income, social security number, or the last income tax return. Please remember that completing the paperwork is extremely important for you to get this kind of indirect dental grants to get teeth fixed.

PS: For a Muslim, changing God’s creation in our bodies is strictly prohibited, including dental implants. If teeth implants are done for decoration, then the law becomes unlawful. Likewise with healthy teeth that are deliberately removed to plant teeth. Unless there is an emergency reason. Teeth implants do not fall into the category of changing what Allah has created, since it is replacing what has been destroyed or disappeared. Islam allows teeth implants as much as other implants for organs that are not there anymore.

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