Thing You Need to Know About Getting a Free Car Seat through Medicaid

Do you know how to get a free car seat through Medicaid? If not, then find out here!

The number of car accidents, lead to injuries and deaths are increasing day by day. This has become a major concern for people in the nation as well as for the federal government. Therefore, it is now a crucial aspect in the US to have seat belts for adults. While for children, it is a legal requirement to have a car seat. Also, it is important to know that if your teen is caught sitting without a car seat, then you might be issued a ticket for up to $200.

Modern vehicles are equipped with seat belts to ensure the safety of children and avoid injures. It is shocking to know that the primary reason of injury among young children is not a crash or collision; in fact, injuries are usually caused by sudden stops. Since children are not familiar with such kind of sudden stops, they are unable to stabilize their bodies. This might cause serious back injuries and neck jerks.

Seat belts and car seats come into contact with the strongest parts of the body. They extend shock and other forces over a wide area and, most importantly, help slow down the body by protecting vital parts, especially the head and spinal cord.

According to various reports, car seats reduce the risk of injury by an average of 75%, and there is already a decrease of 30% in mortality rates.

And the most important and practical thing is that a little care in installing a car seat is more cost-effective than spending a lump sum amount of money on your child in an accident.


What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is the government-sponsored insurance program for individuals who are unable to afford medical care in the United States. It is often referred to as a health care program, instead of an insurance program. The program covers various medical services, such as supporting low-income families and individuals in funding for doctor visits, hospitalizations, medical costs, custodial care, and more.

Today, Medicaid has grown as the most considerable source of funding and is among the country’s largest health care payers. Medicaid, along with CHIP services, is one of amidst the six Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These organizations operate under the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that is funded primarily by the federal government.

CHIP, “Children’s Health Insurance Program,” has a primary goal of giving health coverage to children in families who are unable to afford private coverage and do not qualify for Medicaid because of marginally high incomes.

The eligibility criteria participating and receiving the funds through this program is based on state policies. Each state has its own margin of maneuver to control and sanction the requests received.

In case you do not qualify to obtain a car seat through Medicaid for some reason, you can also opt for CHIP. It is the best alternative with the primary attention health care of infants and children.

How to receive a free car seat through Medicaid?

It is important to keep in mind that Medicaid is accessible only to individuals and families who meet the particular requirements. Check out the conditions below to know whether you can get a free car seat through Medicaid or not. Also, find out how to get it!

  • Recipients must be permanent legal residents or citizens of the United States.
  • You need to present the income statement and the number of dependents in the income shown. Each state has a different perspective on this point. Therefore, it is calculated by taking the average income necessary for sustainable livelihoods in that particular area.
  • People above the minimum earnings scale can also receive this assistance if they have any kind of disability, which makes their medical expenses spend most of their earnings.
  • Once you apply for the free car seats, Medicaid might ask you to enroll in a short car seat safety course. This is done before sanctioning a free car seat as the course is designed to promote awareness of the use of car seats. Also, you will get to know about the proper methods and techniques for car seat installation.

Go through all the requirements and see if you are eligible for Medicaid, especially a car seat. Once you satisfy the terms, complete an application online through the Health Insurance Marketplace website. Another alternative is that you can also apply directly through a state Medicaid agency.

Medicaid officials will evaluate your application and, if approved, you will get free medical care along with other services from any medical provider that is associated with the program.

What are the other ways to get free car seats?

In case you are not eligible to apply for Medicaid and do not receive a free car seat, then there are several things that you can do –

  • Contact the social worker of the hospital where your child was born. Hospitals cover free car seats as social activities. Hence, they often arrange a donor for a car seat or refer them to the maternity division for further help.
  • Your health plan card has a toll-free number that is printed on the back of it. Call them and ask for a free car seat, mentioning why you need it. They might provide you with it, or offer you valuable information on how to get a free car seat.
  • Contact your state traffic or road safety organization.
  • Call your city health department to find out if they have any current programs for free or reduced-price car seats.

The Conclusion –

Remember that the safety of children is of utmost importance. Therefore car seats are designed to keep your child safe while in the car. Sometimes even a small mistake can leave big, lasting impressions on your child.

If any new information on how to get free a car seat through Medicaid comes to us, we’ll share on our page. If you want to know more, go through our other articles to gather the necessary information.

A child is a parent’s most precious wealth. Therefore, consider sharing this information as part of your gift in this good act.