Get Free Braces for Kids with Smile Changes Live Program (SCL)

Free Braces for Kids – Braces are somehow necessary when dealing with an orthodontic problem. Braces can be so much expensive for some families. It is not an affordable thing if we want to get the right braces. Wearing braces will need more treatment before or after. Regarding this problem, SCL or Smile Changes Live program offers a treatment of free braces for kids. It works with family and the providers of treatment throughout the U.S and Canada.

However, SCL gives an orthodontic treatment ONLY. For other treatment such as Extraction, cleanings, oral surgery that may be needed before, during or after orthodontic treatment will be the financial responsibility for the patient’s guardians. The procedures to deal with it are listed below:


Free Braces for Kids Procedures


  • The patient should be 7-18 years old
  • “good” oral hygiene
  • No unfilled cavities
  • Moderate to severe necessary of braces
  • Not wearing braces in current time
  • Parents/ guardians should meet the SCL Financial Guidelines
  • Willing to pay non-refundable $30 application fee and non-refundable $650 needed financial investment (each child).


Whether you think that your child is an appropriate candidate for the program, you can now begin to apply. The application anyway can be done two ways, online and offline. Before begin applying, there are some documents needed to be submitted.

  • Photos Needed (Photo requirement guidelines)
  • Explanation Letter from athe pplicant. It is such an opportunity for the applicant to describe why it is important for them to have braces and how it means personally for them.
  • Letter from Guardians. Let the providers know why it is important to have braces for your kids.
  • Financial & Tax Info (Federal Income Tax Return/ Supplemental Security Income Awards Letter)
  • Decide the current wait time for your local area.

Complete Application Online

This way can be done from the cellphone. However, it will be easier to do it on a desktop PC. However, SCL also has an Application Checklist for you to follow which explains the requirements in more details. It is also recommended for you to review the Program & Application Process Overview before doing an online application.

Complete Application Offline

In addition, you are going to notice that the download file also includes detailed instructions and check list to aid you in completing the application and some consent forms to be signed. Offline way will only require three easy steps. They are printing, completing, and mailing the application.

Note: SCL will accept the newest version of application ONLY. You can download the up-to-date application form by clicking the button “download here” in the website. All the applications that are received will be a subject to the current fee structure regarding to the fee specified in the submitted application.

Application and Approval Process of Free Braces for Kids

After submitting the application, the application is going to be reviewed and there will be a notification for the family in about 3 weeks whether the kids are qualified or not for the program. However, if your application is NOT COMPLETE, there will be notification. In order to be considered in the program, you will be suggested to complete and submit the NEW APPLICATION including additional $30 non-refundable fee.

When SCL has received the complete application, it is going to be reviewed by the SCL team in the review panel. Next, the guardians or parents will be given a notification whether their kid is appropriate and qualified for the program, put in a waiting list, rejected in the program or will need more review regarding the poor oral hygiene, development of dental, or even other potential problems.

Otherwise, if the kid is appropriate or qualified for SCL program, SCL is going to assign the kid with the provider. The providers are assigned at the discretion of SCL and the search will be done up to 100-mile radius. If no treatment openings are found in your area, there will be a notification for the family that the kid has been placed on a waiting list and which SCL are identifying a treatment provider in your area for your kid.

Addition: The period of waiting for the process step varies. It can be more than 12 months depends on area demand. However, the providers of treatment are limited in several areas and SCL also cannot guarantee the placement with a provider. If your kid is 17 years old or older when she or he applies, please be aware since the placement chances with the treatment provider may be greatly diminished depends on waiting times in your area. As it is stated that the treatment cannot be done after you kid turns to 19 years old. If the treatment provider has not assigned the application BEFORE your kid turn 19 years old, she or he is going to be replaced from the waiting list and will not be eligible for treatment anymore.

Once your kid is identified by the treatment provider, you are going to get a notification and have 30 days start from the date you are notified by the letter that has to pay $650 non-refundable of required financial investment. SCL will not accept the payment partially. Yet, they cannot accept payments from Flexible Spending Accounts or even Health Saving Accounts. If the SCL does not receive the fee in within 30 days of notification, your kid may lose the placement of SCL program.

Finally, when you are interested in applying for this program, then you should pay attention on the requirements needed. Do not miss any information provided by the treatment providers. Remember to check when you apply for this program with the age of your kid, since this program will not work for the kid above 19 years old. However, it is better to apply soon if you notice the orthodontic problem, so you can reapply in the next chance if your kid is not appropriate enough. Do a serious check for the application so you will not make mistake in submitting the application for getting free braces for kids.

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