The Best Hacks To Get Lubbock Craigslist Free Stuff For Beginners

Are you a beginner and looking for Lubbock craigslist free stuff? When you use Craigslist as the best way to get some stuff free, make sure that this place is the area for spammers. They are selling and giving away all things you may need. Now, the question is, how can you get something free if you are beginners?

Today, we are going to tell you the things you should do that can help you in the right way. Because you are going to search for Lubbock craigslist free stuff, we are talking more about how to get your desired stuff free. However, you can still use this way even though you are living in other areas.


Things To Do Before Getting Lubbock Craigslist Free Stuff

These tips are very important to do, especially for beginners who just joined Craigslist.

  1. Search For The Email Address To Trust The Person

After finding some potential free stuff, you should check the email of the one who posted the offer.  It helps you know about the availability of the email, make sure that it is not the fake account.

Besides, you can do something more than that. For example, if the user posted that he waited for other people to get their give away, you can email him and wait for the response. After replying your email, you can check his personal email address and then enter the email into the search box in Facebook. By this way, you can decide that he has a serious commitment to do his business.

However, if you are a seller, it is better to cyberstalk your potential buyers through their email address before inviting them into your home.

  1. Use The Hyphens

For example, you can type “free couch-IKEA” so you will get all results related to IKEA couches free. For this topic, you can type “Lubbock free stuff”

  1. Use The Pipe Key “l”

This works best to help your search for multiple keywords. For example, you can type “Chair l stool” By typing this in your search, you can get every result about sofa and stool. Of course, you can use this way as the great option if you want to search for any free stuff that comes with multiple names such as desk or tables, and others.

  1. If You Need Furniture, Visit Craigslist After The Academic Year

In fact, many college students want to remove their stuff immediately. They can remove it for free or even for low-cost options. During that time, you should stay in front of your computer for few minutes.

  1. Use Google Voice Number

Next, you can use the Google Voice Number ( anytime that you want to buy or sell on Craigslist. This is good to anticipate if your contact number becomes compromised. Alternatively, this is good to live with the risk of a stranger starts calling you and then leaving creepy messages every day, because many people experienced it.

  1. Make Sure That You Are Meeting In Public Places With Security Cameras

There are many public places you can choose when you want to meet another user of Craigslist. It is a good idea to meet the person at Best Buy, Fast Food Restaurants, Gas Stations and other areas with security cameras to keep you safe.

  1. Subscribe to the RSS Feed

If you are hunting for Lubbock craigslist free stuff, surely you can use this way. Here, you should do a search as usual and then scroll down to the bottom of the website’s page. After that, click the yellow RSS button so you will get the RSS feed. By doing this way, you can get the updated results directly in your feed reader. This is more efficient than repeatedly coming back to Craigslist to check the availability of the free stuff

Alternatively, start listings to save the post and then mark as read on the duplicate listings.

  1. Use Search Tempest

You can use SearchTempest if you need a rare item that makes you should travel at several cities. Even though it sounds impossible to get the rare item free, but you know you should think about your safety when you want to make a deal for a low-cost buying option.

SearchTempest helps you search in a mile radius. Even you can check the items with ease on eBay to know the price tag.

  1. Use Separate Email

When you are going to join as a Craigslist user, it is better to use a separate email to do the transactions. Otherwise, it can bother your life. Make sure that you check spam or junk folder since replies may end up there.

  1. When You Do Extensive Searching

Well, if you want to do an extensive searching, it is better to click the “pic” checkbox. After that, make sure that you are using gallery view button. This way can help you do a quick scan of the available stuff.

  1. Focus On The Search Strings

Some users will post with some phrases as below:

“My wife does not like” or “But now, we have something new”, these phrases are the best way to get luxury or fun items that others want to give away.

All About Lubbock Craigslist Free Stuff

  1. Pallet Woods

If you need pallets wood, you should contact the person as soon as possible. Here, the person offers free pallets. The person offers large firewood, project wood, and others.

  1. Free TVs

Do you have TVs? If you think that this month is the saddest month for you because your TV is broken, you can contact the user to get this small TV to pick up. You can inform your friends if they need a free TV, too.

  1. Free Coffee Table

For sure, you can take this offer if you need a free coffee table. It is a small table that the owner wants you to get it free.

  1. Free Couch

You can take it as your option if you need, especially about a free couch. The couch is still good and comfortable to use. However, the owner asked you to pick it up.

  1. Free Used Tractor Tires

The owner offered two used tractor tires one combined and one-grain cart tire. They are used and you can get them free. You can use it for water trough, decorative items as well as flower gardens. In addition, the owner has other auto tires and pivot tires you can get free. The owner also explained to assist loading. If you want the owner to deliver, you should add small fee.

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