Top 5 Small-Scale Business Ideas for Immigrants in 2019

For immigrants, finding a business plan that can run on low investment and earn profits in minimum time is a challenging task. The growing market condition makes it really impossible to win over the competition; there are businesses that have already earned billions from small-scale business ideas. If you look into the U.S Small Business Administration’s records, around 29.6 million businesses man are successfully running a business in the US and abroad. In fact, a major portion of the market is shared with immigrants and foreign citizens only. This means there is a lot of scope and prospects for immigrants. You just need to find an idea, arrange finances from any federal or private sources that provide grants for immigrants to start a business and step forward to a better tomorrow.


Top five ideas for immigrants to start a business in the year 2019

When you have already decided to start a new business, then first you need to look for business opportunities with low-risk and high profit. Hunt for ideas that best match with your personality and skill set (as it has the potential to earn you more profit). Selecting a business based on your qualification and expertise will find you some serious success on your way to entrepreneurship. Let’s have a quick look to top ten small-scale business ideas in 2019 that will help you grow in a foreign country.

#1 – Become a Tour Guide

Travels and tourism is a never-ending business; it grows no matter what. If you love to explore new destinations, have knowledge about a few places, know foreign languages, and find interaction with foreign traveler an exciting affair, then becomes a tour guide without investing a dollar. This is the simplest and most profitable source of income for an immigrant, and if you are interested, you can try and earn well to run your errands. Tours and travels will take you to strange locations you have never been to.

#2 – Start your own cleaning service

Starting a business is not a luxury but a necessity to earn a good living. US market has better scope for cleaning services. All domestic and commercial people look for safe, reliable, and trustworthy cleaning staff members. This is definite that you will be paid well for doing the cleaning job. This is a brilliant idea for immigrants. However, you need to arrange funds or take small business loans for a few tools used for cleaning facility. Take for automatic carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and vehicles to offer door-to-door cleaning facility and many more. You can start this business full-time or part-basis as well.

#3 – Avail Day Care Services for Needy

Need for financial independence has created new opportunities for day care services. Parents those who are fully engaged in the office requires a reliable person to take care of their young kids at home. Sometimes aged or elderly persons also need a daycare facility. The person hired can take care of food, cleaning, medicines, activities and more; which is the most important task. Full-time employed parents can hire you if you are well-versed at providing care facility.  You need no funds for starting a business. Find a company or organization that provides day care facilities for others. Do the registration with them by paying a sum of money as registration fee and becomes childcare, caretaker, or caregiver. You can get the money from free government grants to start a business.

#4 – Start a Mobile Food Truck

If you are good at preparing delicious food or an expert of culinary arts, then this is an excellent business idea for you. Start your own food business that moves and avail food services from door to door. The nature of mobile food truck business is a little different from conventional restaurant ideas. First, you can take your food truck and serve delicious food from one place to another. You do not have to pay rents and settle in one place. Next, you provide door-to-door food service for all. This grows your customer base a little faster than any restaurant or hotels. If you are thinking about the finances, search for “how to get money to start a business” on the internet to find suitable grants and loans. There are funds from government and non-profit organization for immigrants, who wish to start their own food truck. Apply for them and get benefitted.

#5 – Provide HVAC Repair, Maintenance and Installation Service

Home heating and cooling equipment are a must-have a thing for every homeowner or commercial property owner. Unlike, other electronic devices can rapture at any time. Repairs, new installation, and maintenance area few of the best possible ways to keep heating and cooling equipment working in good condition. So, it’s advisable to get it done by certified and verified technicians only. The state and the federal government have created strict rules and regulations for the maintenance and installation of a new HVAC system in the home. That’s why it becomes important; to get the installation done by professionally certified HVAC technicians only.

If you are an experienced and certified heating and cooling repairman, then start your business right at the moment. Be a handyman for those who need you the most. Start your own HVAC repair company. Serve from door to door and provide emergency services as well. You can also give employment to other experts in the same area. Start serving the local areas than expand your business globally. You can find funds for all repair, installation, and maintenance tools from government grants for small businesses. Find ways to get free money to start a small business online.

Bottom Line

The market is full of opportunities, plentiful natural resources, and well-built grounds for making a profit. You need to find the best possible ways to earn and make your livelihood better. The above-mentioned business ways are blooming in 2019. However, if you think differently, search for some out-of-the-box ideas and inspirations that will let you survive in the growing competition.

PS: For Muslim, please avoid credit cards or loans with interest rates, it’s RIBA!!

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