CDL Training for Felons

CDL Training for Felons – Being a person with a felony history can hurt your life. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several ways for you to earn sufficient money for your living expenses, and one of the most popular choices is to become a truck driver. Becoming a truck driver for a company usually requires some form of certification, which is obtained after you complete the CDL training.

That being said, CDL training usually costs quite a lot. Moreover, you should remember that your status as a felon makes you have limited options. Therefore, we are here to help you search for your new job by giving you some tips for managing your possible future as a truck driver.


CDL Training Programs for Felons

CDL Training for Felons Tips

First, you need to make sure that you currently have a valid driver’s license, along with a place of residence. This is the most basic requirement requested by most of the trucking companies in the United States. If you currently don’t possess any valid driver’s license, we highly recommend you to get a new driver’s license right away.

Second, choosing the right trucking company is also an important step. You should avoid applying for big companies. For starters, we highly recommend small to middle sized trucking companies that accept felons. Contact them and ask if they can give you some kind of pre-hire note, promising that they will hire you after you complete the CDL training. Of course, not every felon can get this letter. You have to have your best behavior, and properly explain with good words about your condition. Don’t forget to ask for their recommendation in choosing the best CDL training program for you.

Third, it is possible to get free CDL training for felons. The trick is to find a trucking company that willing to pay the training for you, usually with an agreement that you will work for them for at least one or three years after completing the CDL training. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it is still possible. Some companies offer reimbursement method to provide you with the required training (but always be careful and read the contract thoroughly).

Usually, you won’t get a satisfactory salary, but this could be a perfect solution if you really don’t have any money to be spent on the training. Of course, you have to be honest upfront about your current situation. Explain that you’re a felon, and then the management will be able to decide the best course for you and the company. This is very important, especially for trucking companies that have their own trucking training school.

Fourth, go through our tips from the first to third and make sure that you have gotten some kind of guarantee from the company before you apply for CDL training. CDL training costs quite a fortune, especially for people who are struggling to restore their life.

Please do note that the company will likely decide their decision based on the nature of the felony and your history. Talking and getting a job offering for felons are hard, you should always remember that so that you won’t be too disappointed when they reject you. Just say thank you and move on to the next company. I hope these tips of CDL training for felons help!

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