Used Cars for Low Income Families

Many charities and nonprofits are offering used cars for low-income families, but unfortunately, they don’t give out big banners on the street to announce their program because they are practically short on budget. In today’s post, you will learn several of the available options for you. Some are national programs, while others are local programs coming from various organizations.

Usually, these programs come with several requirements that may be different in each program. However, they do share several common requirements that include tax forms to prove that you are indeed coming from a low-income family, medical record (if you are medically needy), etc. In some conditions, people are eligible for free used cars if they are victims of a natural disaster, living in transitional living shelters, or victims of domestic violence.


Used Cars for Low Income Families Resources

Below are some of the resources that may help you find affordable or free used cars for your family:

1-800-Charity Cars

This is a big program that aims to help people from low-income families, especially those without a job. The organization will provide a used car for those who need it, but there are several requirements. First, the car is still owned by this organization in the first year. To make it yours, you should find a job within 30 days and you should maintain the vehicle and the insurance and participate in follow up programs. The charity program prefers those who are medically needy, living in transitional shelters, victims of natural disasters or domestic violence.

State-based programs

Usually, each state has at least one nonprofit program that provides car for low-income families. For example, there’s the Good News Garage program that helps low-income families in New England, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The general rule for the program is pretty similar, but there may be some technical differences in each state. You can contact 877.GIVE.AUTO to learn more about this opportunity.

There’s also Vehicles for Change that operates in Washington, D.C. This one provides a very affordable used cars for just around $750.You are entitled to be able to pay for the vehicle’s taxes and tags. To be eligible, aside from coming from the low-income family you have to prove that you have a job and are now working for 35 hours per week.

Last but not least, you can use the Working Cars for Working Families’ site tool that can help you find local car donation programs and charities near you. Finding this kind of program in your local area is important because a car is a large item, hence shipping it would cost quite a fortune. This site offers a great tool that provides some reliable data. You can also contact the Department of Human Services or other welfare agencies and churches to see whether there are low cost or free used cars for low-income families. It is important to remember that there may be some differences in each program for the qualification process, so you may want to take a careful note on what they are offering.

There are many other resources you can use to get used cars for low income families. The best bet would be making an appointment with someone from the Department of Human Services.

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