A Guide To Get Free Car Seats For Low Income Families

Free Car Seats For Low-Income Families – Car crashes are the first urgency about why this kind of program to distribute free car seats is available. In Washington for example, it took 26 children 0-12 years old died caused by a car accident and more than 122 children got serious injuries. This data is shown from 2010 to 2012. The car seat distribution programs are designed for eligible parents so they can get free car seats such as infant, convertible as well as booster seats. Zaza in 2001 explained that the program was also created to teach parents about its installation and usage. As you can see, the programs exist only for low-income parents of infants and they can be applied through insurance companies, clinics, and hospitals.

The programs done by several states provide you with low-cost or even free car seats only for low-income families with the support of your state Department Of Health. For instance, if you join the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes program, you may understand that it is a program to provide free car seats for eligible low-income parents but it is a must for the families to attend the educational class to teach them the installation so they know how to install and then they can receive the seats. Similarly, you need to know how to get a free car seat through the Medicaid program.


List of Free Car Seats For Low Income Families Program

Below, we have some possible lists to get started with how to get free car seat through Medicaid program if you think you are eligible:

  1. OHSP Car Seat Distribution

OHSP stands with those who need local car seat distribution. They provide car seats especially for local seat check events as well as fitting stations only for low-income families.


They will process the car seat requests after October 1, 2016, and the earliest delivery will be started in the middle of November.

The request form and the Evenflo order form must be completed and then submitted to the OHSP. Be sure that these forms are certified by a child passenger safety (CPS) technician about 45 days to the seat check event.

As funding is available, the requests will be accepted throughout the year. But, they would not approve your request if it is more than 60 days to an event. They will also not process orders from August 15 to September 30, 2016, because they have to accommodate the distribution before the end of this year. The next orders again will be processed in the early of October 1, 2016 so they will deliver it about 30 days after your order.

The CPS technicians are not allowed to sell or receive any donations for OHSP program. It is important to know that the federal funding will b used to pay the seats. They can disqualify any participant in case you involve any agency to take profit from this distribution.

The car seat reporting form must be sent monthly at the same time as a submission for the inspection form. The incomplete forms will be returned. The child should present and they will also distribute it to expectant parent in the third semester. One child is one car seat.

  • Contact person: Alyson Kechkaylo, OHSP’s Occupant Protection Program Coordinator.
  • Phone: 517-284-3067
  • Email: kechkayloa@michigan.gov
  1. Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children’s have been working to advocate child passenger safety for more than 15 years.  They hold quarterly community car seat check for the public. They also offer Free Car Seats For Low-Income Families especially for expecting parents and they will teach them by certified child passenger safety experts. Parents can learn how to install the baby’s car seat and secure the baby in the seat. Even they offer low-cost booster and car seats only for hospitalized patients as well as patients visiting the Emergency Department. They gave low-cost or free booster seats for up to 3,000 children from low-income families.

  • Phone: 206-987-5999
  1. Keep ‘Em Safe (KES) grant by County

You can join with the Keep ‘Em Safe program that they can fund education campaigns such as the installation and the way to use child passenger restraint systems for all kids. They receive the funding from the Office of Traffic Safety and it is entering the sixth year. They provided 2,060 child car seats throughout the religion.

This program supports Live Well San Diego.

Contact: Pacific Safety Center at 858-621-2313 or call 858-621-2313 ext. 114 or 855-4-PSC-411 (toll-free).

  1. The New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program (NMCSSDP)

This program provides instruction and education on child safety especially for seat use as well as installation. You can participate in hospitals and healthcare facilities. They created a limited distribution of reduced-cost car seats as well as booster seats for families with low-income requirements.

Basically, the NMCSSDP is funded by The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) together with the Traffic Safety Division (TSD). Later, everything is administered by Safer New Mexico Now (Safer). This program is the solution for 25%} children who live below the poverty line in New Mexico.

You can call (505) 332-7707 or e-mail info@safernm.org.

  1. Akron Children’s Hospital

This is our last option, but it is not a free car seat. This program is presented by Akron Children’s Hospital to support safe riding, especially for kids. Akron Children’s Hospital works with Safe Kids Summit County and Mahoning Valley.

They have a big commitment to provide car seats at a discounted price and it is only for income-eligible families. You will be educated on how to install the car seats properly and secure your child in the seat.  This program led by NHTSA-certified technicians.


  • The families must receive government assistance such as Medicaid, WIC and others.
  • You must have a referral from a healthcare provider or social service agency.

What you must bring in the following day of your appointment:

  1. A referral form or envelope from referring agency such as Doctor’s office or WIC.
  2. Driver license or state-issued ID
  3. $25
  •  To register, please contact 330-543-8942.
  • To schedule an appointment if you want to have a car seat inspection, call 330-543-8942.

Those are the complete guide for you who need Free Car Seats For Low-Income Families. Good luck and try to get one.

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