Charities that Help with Car Repairs and Donates Cars

Charities that Help with Car Repairs – Cars have become a primary need nowadays, and not owning a car is tough because everyday things are a hassle, such as making it to work on time, grocery shopping, picking up your beloved kids from school, having an appointment with your doctor, and many other activities. Public transportation is also not safe for your children and takes a lot of time. However, using your car requires extra money because you have to take care of your car.

Car maintenance costs can be a serious problem for those who happen to be under a short budget. If you are one of them who are facing the situation, don’t panic! Many charities help with car repairs you can find across the US, and they will gladly help those in need. Through this article, I want to share information about the charities you can reach for car repair assistance or car donations. The organizations and their programs will provide the help you need, or you can donate your car to those who need it more through the organization.


Where to Get Car Donations and Charities that Help with Car Repairs

There are many organizations across the US that offer free car repair service and donates cars for those who need them and qualified. Here is the list of charities that help with car repairs and donate cars:

  1. Modest Needs

Modest Needs was founded in 2002, and stands as a non-profit organization that has unique missions, which is to provide short-term financial assistance for people who are in temporary crisis, help to lessen the burden of state and federal agencies in fighting the cycle of poverty, and promote generosity and compassion to people who live in the US and Canada.

If you need some help with your problems, especially car repair, the organization will gladly help you out as long as you’re qualified. You can reach them via e-mail or send a mail to their address for further information.


  1. Restoration Rides Ministry

Restoration Rides Ministry has a mission to provide automobile maintenance, and repairs for people who are financially distressed and economically disadvantaged, and need reliable and safe transportation. (

If you want to know further about the organization, you can contact them or reach them via e-mail.


  1. CAR Ministry Georgia

If you live in Georgia, you can visit McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church in Powder Springs, Georgia. The church has a program that provides free vehicle repair for low-income and elderly people in their car care ministry once a month. Volunteers from the suburban Atlanta also supports the program by fixing several cars at a time. Local service-agencies also help them to find those in need in the three-county area.

United Methodist churches across the US also perform a mission to provide car repair assistance like McEachern Memorial’s garage. Besides free car repair, they give away vehicles to those in need and have donated more than 50 cars in nearly three years.

If you want to know more about the program, you can ask your questions by clicking here or send them an e-mail.


  1. C.A.R.S Ministry

For those who live in Illinois, you can reach the Christian Automotive Repairmen Serving (C.A.R.S) for automobile assistance. C.A.R.S Ministry provides reliable transportation for needy people through refurbished, donated vehicles with the assistance of volunteer mechanics.

C.A.R.S Ministry of Willow Creek Community Church has assisted thousands of qualified single moms in their community. They have provided reliable vehicle and free car repairs , helping single parents and their families gaining opportunity and independence.

You can contact them or send an e-mail to ask for further details.


  • 67 E. Algonquin Road
  • Building G
  • South Barrington, IL 60010
  • Phone: (847) 765-7200
  • E-mail:
  1. Irvine Car Ministry

In California, you can get donated cars from Irvine Car Ministry. They support needy people through the various Mariners Outreach Ministries. You can also help others by donating your unused car, and they will help those in need to avoid the hassles related to cars.

Contact them for more details.


  • 5001 Newport Coast Dr
  • Irvine, CA 92603
  • Phone: 949-769-8100
  1. Good News Garage

Good News Garage provides a win-win solution for car donors, clients, and communities. Unlike the other car donation charities the sell and hire a for-profit middleman, Good News Garage helps you to maximize the impact along with their mission to repair and provide as many cars as possible to local families. Good News Garage has donated more than 4,400 vehicles since 1996.

You can contact them for further information.


  • 340 Granite Street, 3rd Floor,
  • Manchester, NH 03102
  • Phone: 877-400-6065
  1. Auto Technical (

Auto Technical is an organization that provides low cost cars for low income families. Together with local agencies, they servce individuals who are facing economic hardhip or those who have survived domestic violence. If you want to live in Minneapolis or other regions throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, you can help other by donating your car. The organization helps those in need in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Contact them for further information.


  • Auto Technical, Inc.
  • 461 N Wilder St, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Phone: 651-646-7826
  1. Wheels to Work

Wheels to Work program provides safe, reliable transportation assistance for eligible households in Ostego County. The program helps low-income families to acquire employment and keep working through the purchase of an affordable/used vehicle, providing financial assistance for vehicle repairs, and general financial management skills.

You can contact Opportunities for Otsego for further information about the program.


  • 3 West Broadway
  • Oneonta, New York 13820
  • Phone: 1.800.986.5463

Those are some of the charities that help with car repairs and donates free cars for those in need. You can also look for other organization around you by asking the locals or search the website. However, if you want to search for the help you need or help others who are in need, contact the organization first for more details.

When you look for information online, you also need to be careful because you may end up facing scams. Look for a reliable organization with a complete detail about them. Therefore, you will get the help you need or helping others who are in need.

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