Baby Formula Assistance Program to Help Your Baby Budget

Baby Formula Assistance Program – Maintaining a regular supply and supplementing your baby is not cheap, especially when your infant is on regular formula. Despite this, many ways can help you with baby formula expenses, and they can be a great way to assist your baby’s budget.

This article will inform you about baby formula assistance programs you can reach or ways to get a free baby formula that you can use to feed your infant or newborn baby. Starting from samples to full-sized cans. Keep in mind that some of the resources we will mention will only help those who are qualified as low-income to get free baby formula.


Baby Formula Assistance Program – Where and How to Get

There are many ways to get free baby formula, and you may have to send some emails, make some phone calls, and clip some coupons. There are many options for you, and we will inform you about the options. Here is the list of how and where to get free baby formula:


  1. Free samples of baby formula

Numerous online companies often give away free baby formula samples or other baby samples. The companies hope that you will try the free samples, like their samples, and buy their products. Here are some companies that would give you free baby formula samples if you request  for it:

  • Enfamil

Enfamil has a baby formula assistance program called Enfamil Family Beginnings program. Join the program to get Enfamil baby formula samples, baby formula coupons, special offers and other savings. You may get up to $325 in free gifts throughout your pregnancy, baby’s first year and into toddlerhood. Click here to join the program, or make a contact for further information.

Phone: 1-800-BABY123


Similac Strong Moms reward program will provide you a bag full of free stuff for your beloved baby, including coupons and formula samples. Besides that, you may enjoy up to $400 in savings and benefits. Click here to join the program, or contact them for more details.

Phone: 800-986-8800


    • Parent’s Choice

Parent’s Choice also provides free baby formula samples and coupons for a formula to help new parents in looking for low cost or free baby formula samples. So, they’ve created a low price way for caregivers to try Parent’s Choice baby formula 12-ounce sample size for approximately $8.98. You can call them for further information on Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM EST.

Phone: 1-800-272-5095


  1. Call your doctor’s office and hospital

You can call your doctor’s office or the local hospital to see if you can get free baby formula available or ask them about some places where you can get free baby formula. They are great resources for free baby formula.


  1. Free baby formula thorough WIC

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is the government’s program to assist low-income mothers with young children, including those who need baby formula. WIC provides baby formula, food, healthcare referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant and postpartum women, newborns, and children up to 5 years old. You can contact your local WIC to see if you’re qualified for assistance.

Mailing Address:

Food & Nutrition Service

3101 Park Center Drive

Alexandria, VA 22302


  1. Combine coupons and sales to get free baby formula

Check your local newspaper for baby formula coupons and grocery advertisements that have baby formula on sale. Combine the coupon with a food sale, and you’ll get very cheap or even free baby formula.


  1. Contact your local food bank

Local food banks in your area may have free baby formula for you if you ask for it. Call them to make sure if they have any stock before you head out. Click here to find your local food bank, or contact the national office of Feeding America to know further about food banks.

Phone: 800-771-2303


Feeding America

35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 2000

Chicago, IL 60601


  1. Ask your pediatrician

If you have more than one child, or twins, triples, or more multiples, don’t be afraid to ask your pediatrician’s office for formula samples. Ask them at your first visit and at subsequent visits. If you need to change the type or brand of the formula, ask again for new samples. They will understand you because baby formula is expensive, especially when you’re buying more than one.


  1. Free samples from hospitals

There are many hospitals that receive free samples of baby formula from many formula manufacturers. You can take advantage of the free baby formula that are available in your hospital. Request for a bag of formula samples and coupons. Some hospital will only provide baby formula bags to those who request for them. Therefore, you should make it clear that you would appreciate any samples they have, including free bottles and coupons.

You can also ask for available additional samples. In some cases, hospitals are able to provide a few weeks supply of baby formula, or multiple sample bags to women who request or need the extra samples.


  1. Request baby formula as a present

If you rather avoid the costs of baby formula, you may consider requesting baby formula as a gift on birthdays or holidays. Ask your family and friends to give you baby formula on your birthday, Mother’s Day, as a new baby gift, or for whatever gift-giving holiday is coming next.


  1. Buy generic formula

Generic infant formula is not free, but they’re far more cheaper than brand-name formula. Despite the brand-name formula commercials, advertisements, and packaging, the quality of generic formula is as good as brand-name formula.


You can still find many ways to get cheap or free baby formula for your savings, and there are still many baby formula assistance program you can find out there. However, the ways that we told above are considered as the most effective ways to get free or cheap infant formula. There are many options to help with your baby budget. Choose the method that suits the best for you. I hope the information above could help you with your expenses on baby formula.

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