Free Gas Cards, Solution for Low Income Families

Free gas cards for low income– Cutting down your spending is not an easy matter, there are certain costs that you can’t do much about no matter how hard you try, such as mortgage and gas costs. If you drive, it’s obvious that you need gas and there’s no way around. There are things you can do to save on gas, but fuel price fluctuates. When gas prices are high, it will put a pretty big dent in your budget. This issue brings serious financial problems, especially for low-income families.

Despite this, there are many legitimate ways to get free gas, one of them is by using free gas cards for low income families. When gas prices are up, you can see more incentives, promotions, and contests to get free gas. It’s generally true that the higher the gas prices, the more ways there are to get free gas. However, most of us have a constant need to fuel up even when gas prices are relatively low because gas costs can be a significant, ongoing expense. This article will tell you how to get free gas.


Some Recommended Ways to Get Free Gas Cards

Some of you may think that getting free gas cards for low income involves illegal activities, but you don’t have to worry about it because we will only tell you how to get it legitimately. There is no hack or trickery involved. Here are the ways to get free gas:

  1. Participate in Gas Card Product Offers

When gas prices are on the upswing, there will be more and more companies come up with free gas card promotions so customers would be attracted to buy their products by holding out this valuable reward. If the promotion includes the things that you actually want to buy, you will get double benefits and it’s a smart way to get free gas. You can check for the deals and jump on them when you find them.

Tip: Try to search for “win free gas” and you will find lots of instant win games and sweepstakes to enter. Your chance to win a gas card could be much better than you think. However, you have to be careful of scams. Use good internet security to avoid malicious websites. 

  1. Take Advantage of Travel Rebates

For those who travel to destinations commonly reached by car, you can discover a free gas offer from many Bed and Breakfasts or hotels. They may have free gas cards or gas credits to attract you so you will book a room to stay. It’s a win-win condition for you and them. Always check the latest promotions before you start booking so you won’t miss anything good.

  1. Redeem Your Credit Card Rewards

Check the programs of your credit card that earns rewards, you may get a free gas card. It could be one of the choices. The card will be useful in the future whether gas prices are high or low. For Muslims, please avoid credit cards with interest rates!

  1. Try to Answer Surveys

Some survey companies allow you to cash in your points for gas cards. You only need to spend a few minutes per survey. Try to join several surveys and start getting your own free gas cards for low income

  1. ‘Wrap’ Your Car

Earn gas for your car by letting promoters ‘wrap’ your cars. Car wrapping is a famous term where promoters put advertisements on cars. You may get a free gas card through car wrapping.

Where to Get Free Gas Cards Online

In this digital era, the easiest way to get Free gas cards for low income families is by getting them online. There are many websites you can check to get them. Here is the list of websites you can look into:

  1. Free Gas USA, Inc.

If you meet the requirements, you can get free gas from Free Gas USA, Inc. It provides free fuel, which ranges from $50 to $1200. You only have to fill out an application on the website. However, you can only fill out the application once.
Once you finished filling out the application, submit it! You don’t have to contact them to check if they received it or your application will be eliminated. The families that will be qualified to get a grant from Free Gas USA, Inc. should meet the income limits that are established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). If they approve your application, you will get a coded fuel card.
Despite this, there might be people out there who earn less than you or have to support a larger family, and your application might not be approved.


Wrap your car with advertisements via The company will grant you free gas as long as you’re willing to turn your car into an advertising platform.
Despite this, you must drive at least 1,000 miles per month to join their program. If you are allowed to join the program, you will choose the types of advertising you want to place on your car. There are various advertising options you can select. You will get a free gas card from the car wrapping worth between $5 and $200 each month.


MyPoints is a program that provides rewards. You earn points by doing web searches, shopping, taking surveys, and viewing advertisements. They have many partners to provide the rewards, and they involve gasoline companies in offering gift cards. You can trade them to get a free gas card for yourself.

  1. Contact Your Local Salvation Army

Search for the nearest Salvation Army around you. The Salvation Army offers assistance for basic needs, including free gas vouchers to those in need. Check the local center and see if they offer this type of assistance.

Keep in mind that the vouchers are limited as the organization doesn’t have a great deal of funding, and gas prices are high, so you can’t expect much from the organization to get free gas cards for low income.

If you want to contact your local Salvation Army, you can look for them on the website.

Best Sites To Get Free Gas Cards For The Unemployed/Low Income

As long as you know the resources, getting free gas cards for low-income families is not impossible. There are still many websites you can check, but you have to be careful of scams. I hope you will get your own free gas card soon!

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best sites to get free gas cards for low income. When others offer free stuff and most of these sites are scams, Swagbucks is the reliable way to get free gas cards. This site provides rewards for its users. As users, you need to do some simple tasks online such as taking surveys, shopping online, and watching videos. In addition, if you want to use their search engine and play games, they will also give you rewards.

The awards point to complete these activities is also possible to trade in to get the gift cards. For example, if you have about 100 points, you can exchange the point for $1. In addition, the 5,000 points are great to get $50 off a gift card to Exxon Mobile, Chevron gas stations, or Sunoco. Eventually, it is possible for you to collect 10,000 points and then exchange them for a $100 free gas card. Therefore, it can be the best solution if you need the best site to get free gas cards for the unemployed.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the popular survey sites we can recommend. It is the best place to get free gas cards for low income. Besides, everyone can join this site for free and they will pay you for each survey you participated in.

Of course, this site is quite different from other survey sites. The biggest problem with other survey sites is that when you start taking the survey, it takes five minutes to fill in your personal information and after that, they told you that you do not qualify for their survey. You do not get the money and you only waste your money. The case will different if you go with Survey Junkie. Even though you do not qualify, still, you get paid.

For each survey in this site, they offer different points. When you collect 100 points, you can exchange it for $1. If you have earned about 1,000 points, you can cash the points out. You can choose from gift cards or get cash via PayPal. It is important to note that Survey Junkie does not always offer free gas cards for the unemployed. Therefore, PayPal is the best solution to get money for buying gas.

3. Gift Card Granny

Next, try Gift Card Granny to buy inexpensive gift cards. On this site, there are discounted gas cards so you can save your money from 5% to 10%. They also offer various options to meet your needs. Besides, they offer various cards for big gas station brands such as Speedway, BP, and Exxon Mobil. Best of all, if you do not mind spending a little money upfront, you will save a lot of money to get the gift cards.

4. Kroger

If you sign up for a loyalty card at this site, you can save more money on groceries. Besides, they will also provide points you can earn and redeem at their fuel centers or Shell gas stations. If you spent $1 on groceries, you will earn 1 point. If you can collect 100 points, it means you can exchange it in cash for $0.10 off per gallon the next time you want to fuel up.

This is a good offer because they even provide more ways. For example, at Kroger Fuel Centers, you can collect 1,000 points and then cash it in to get $1 off free gas cards for low-income for each gallon with no requirement at all. Besides, you will earn 2 points for every $1 you have spent on the gift cards. Therefore, their regulation is easier for you to earn points and then get free gas.

5. Winn Dixie

This is a loyalty program and it is one of the best options if you do not mind spending a lot on groceries and then earning some free gas they offer. By shopping at Winn Dixie, you will earn points and if you are able to collect 100 points, you can exchange it for $0.05 off per gallon of gas the next time you fuel up there.

The program is so great that you should try to earn the bonus points. You will get bonus points if you buy certain items, and the gift cards will make you able to earn triple points. Besides, you will get another amazing bonus since there is no limit to the number of points to use when you want to cash in. It also means that you can save enough points and fill up your gas tank at no charge. This is what you need if you want to get Free gas cards for low-income easily.

6. Raise

Do you need to find discounted gift cards? Try to visit Raise. What they do is to buy the gift cards from people who do not use the cards and after that, they resell the cards at the discounted prices. If you search the site, you will get various gift cards such as cards for gas stations. You can choose from Citgo, Sheetz, Speedway, BP, and others.

Nevertheless, this is not a great place if you are searching for huge savings. In fact, most of the gas cards on this site will help you save about 2%. If you check the site carefully, they also offer better deals. In addition, they have $10 off for your first purchase of $100 and others. Therefore, this site is worth trying.

As long as you know the resources, getting free gas cards for low-income families is not impossible. There are still many websites you can check, but you have to be careful of scams. Other than that, you can do other ways to save on your gas such as choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle to complete your daily needs, trying to have carpooling to reduce fuel usage, using public transportation, or riding your bike.