Grants for Photographers

Grants for Photographers – Amateur photographers often face a big obstacle when they want to pour their ideas into pictures, and most of the obstacles are related to money. Needless to say, established photographers have quite a lot in their pockets, so they can easily produce a photo that is in line with their inspiration. Well, worry no more because there are many amateur photographer grants available in the US that will allow you to cut down the expenses for your photography projects. Mostly, they seek grants for photography equipment.

Below are some of the grant opportunities available for aspiring photographers to create a great project:


Government Grants for Photographers

Getty Images

The first source of grants that can be used by both professionals including amateurs is the Getty Images grant. Currently, there are six grant categories, namely the Getty Images Creative Grants, Grants for Editorial Photography, Getty Images Instagram Grant, Emerging Talent Award, The Contour by Getty Images Portrait Prize, and The Getty Images and Chris Hondros Fund Award. The first one is intended to provide financial support for professionals to create good images for a nonprofit organization. Meanwhile, the Grants for Editorial Photography is open to professionals also students. The amount of this grant is $20,000.

The Photocrati Fund

If you’re planning to create a photography project that is related to environmental or humanitarian issues, you may be suitable for this grant. The grant program is intended for photographers that will take pictures that have a positive impact, and eligible photographers will receive around $5,000.

Blue Earth Alliance

Another environmental or humanitarian organization that supports such photography projects is the Blue Earth Alliance. Similar to the Photocrati Fund grant, this one offers some amount of money for educational also informational projects. Eligible photographers will receive support for their project for up to two years.

Focus for Humanity (FFH)

While the FFH doesn’t have a typical grant program for photographers, they do offer a fellowship program worth $5,000. Similar to grants also scholarships, the money received from this program does not be repaid. The FFH organization selects the winners through a competition of portfolios, which you can find on their website.

Alexia Foundation

For those looking for a way to fund their photography project that focuses on cultural and social issues, you can contact the Alexia Foundation for a grant. They are particularly interested in social injustice issues and cultural understanding issues. Both professional also amateur photographers are allowed to participate.

The Documentary Project Fund

Meanwhile, the Documentary Project Fund is awarded to photographers that take documentary pictures. The program is bi-annual, and there are two categories available, namely the Emerging Vision Award ($3,500) and Established Artist Award ($5,000). They prefer pictures that can capture and voices the sound of oppressed communities. Therefore, your picture should be able to tell a story.


There are numerous available grants in the United States for this category. Some notable examples are the Humble Arts Foundation grant, Ian Parry Scholarship, CENTER’s Project Launch Grant & Project Development Grant, Visura Grant for Outstanding Personal Photography Project or Student Project, etc.

Believe me, there are many ways for aspiring photographers to get grants for a photography project. You just need to prepare your portfolio and a concept. Contact the grant provider for further information.

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