Ways To Get Recycled Laptops For Free

We can say that laptop is relatively expensive and in this era, it is also essential. We require laptops to use to support a mobile lifestyle. A good laptop is important to support you to work anywhere.  Besides, it is quite easy to find recycled laptops for free if you know where the right place to go. Some laptop brands or non-profit organizations are available to support you with this offer.

Recycled Laptops For Free

The Right Places To Get Recycled Laptops For Free

These websites are open for those who want to get and donate recycled laptops

  1. Freegeek

By donating your used technology to free geek, they ensure that all your data is secure and they will try to reuse it as much as possible. You can drop it off from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.a.m to 6 p.m. They also have scheduled a pickup for a fee if you want to.

They are the right option because they take everything electronic. Some items they cannot accept are major household appliances, dehumidifiers, vacuums, air conditioners, smoke detectors, fluorescent light bulbs, microwave ovens, copiers, alkaline batteries, and bottled liquids.

They are also available to support you if you need help to recycle large amounts of plastic such as VCR tapes or floppy disks.


  • Tue-Sat 10 am to 6 pm
  • Tech Support: Tue-Sat 12pm-5:45pm
  • 1731 SE 10th Avenue
  • Portland, OR 97214
  • (503) 232-9350
  • info (at) freegeek (dot) org

Of course, your financial support is also essential for them to grant refurbished computers and more technology items to schools, nonprofits, and community change organizations. It takes about 70 dollars to train volunteers so they are able to wipe, refurbish and do another process securely. Therefore, your donations will bring great difference for other people.

Even you can get a computer in 24 hours. They receive donated used computers from the public as well as business and the volunteers will refurbish it with care. The computers are given back to their volunteers to pay their 24 hours service. It means they give one free computer for each year.

It is possible for Portland k-12 students to get free computer with the help of plug-into-Portland

If you want to be a volunteer and get the service, click here.

  1. Camara

This is a charity-based organization that you can go with if you are living in Nationwide UK and Ireland.

They provide IT equipment collection, drop off as well as certified hard drive data erasure or destruction services to organizations as well as individuals. The refurbished computers will be distributed to schools to serve disadvantaged communities in Ireland, Haiti, and East Africa.


  1. CCL North

This is a nationwide located company that also provides IT equipment refurbishment and reuse, equipment resale along with revenue returns.

  1. Computer Aid International

This is an organization based charity that serves nationwide. It gives computers to NFP organizations, especially in the developing world. It works with a complete decommissioning service especially around UK business and individual including, WEEE compliance, asset tracking as well as data wiping.

  1. Digital Growth

It can be your next option as a non-profit organization to serve nationwide. It provides refurbished computers from donators and they sell it at low cost to individuals, small community organizations, charities, and schools around the world. They have a free collection service in the UK mainland.

  1. RecycledIT

This is a non-profit company for Cambridge shire and Nationwide. They re-use, recycle and then recover IT equipment so that it can be used for non-profit organizations and charities.

  1. Environmental Computer Recycling and Removals

Serve for nationwide, this company is the alternative if the options above couldn’t help you out. They provide commercial recycling as well as IT disposal solution to deal with unwanted computers and telecoms equipment. It will be used by other organizations and charities.

  1. RCS Recycling (http://rcsrecycling.co.uk/)

If you are living in Berkshire, you can choose this company to start getting help. It offers secure disposal of redundant, unwanted, and obsolete IT as well as office equipment. They redeploy most working equipment in many local charities.

  1. Byteback Computer Recycling

This company is located in Bristol. They refurbish IT equipment and then will be distributed to schools in Africa. The project is developed and managed by IT School Africa and Computers for African Schools.

  1. Pass It On (http://www.passitoncomputers.co.uk/)

It is located in Edinburgh and this charity organization glad to collect donated computers, fix and wipe all data inside them and then give them to people with disabilities around the Edinburgh postcode area

  1. TR Computer

This company is placed in Cheshire. They sell second user systems. You can visit their site to get more details.

Those are all the categories when it comes to recycled laptops for free.

More Tips About Finding Recycled Laptops For Free

If the list above couldn’t help you, there are some considerations you can take. These tips can be useful if you need free and low-cost laptops.

  1. Involve with the local non-profit organization

Joining one active and community-based approach is good such as a church, school, civic as well as scout group that is connected to form a computer literacy. Even if you are involved with a computer literacy group already, there is a high opportunity that you are qualified.

  1. Get online service and inform the group leaders

There are a lot of online services you can go with. They encourage you to apply and start making a request as soon as possible. For instance, if you have found the nonprofit users’ members page, visit, and browse the network to get more information. You can visit their website and make immediate contact. Encourage yourself to ask whether the network you found has worked for them or not. Then, find the opportunities to get support.

  1. Determine the official within your local government is responsible for municipal or county e-waste recycling efforts.

Government-centric entities there are not originally intended to fully serve you. They are the public servants and therefore you can get the contact and tell about what you need and why they have to support you.

Besides, county or municipality sponsored environmental events can be designed to support all immediate needs so you may find help to get a free laptop.

  1. Make spreading personal publicity about your need

Encourage yourself, the public has to know about you and your special need. You can do it by writing a story on social media or a local publication. Your interesting story helps people enjoy reading it or even open their eyes that laptops could be very precious for others.

  1. Find “freecycle” group near you

You can choose the Freecycle Network is a non-profit network of individuals to give and receive free things in this local community. Get started by entering their name to the search box at www.freecycle.org

Those are all we can provide for you to get recycled laptops for free.