Free Computers for Low Income Families

Looking for free computers for low income families? Computers have become an important aspect of life these days. Many tasks require a computer, from the children’s school assignments to simple tasks such as searching for important information on the web. However, many people from low-income families can’t afford them since they are pretty expensive. This post will help you to search for computers that are available at no charge for low-income people and families.

Many organizations and foundations are aware of the importance of computers. Therefore, they put some effort into helping these people from low-income families to get computers for a considerably low price. Some even offer computers for free.

Since these programs are aimed to provide computers for low-income people, you may need to provide proof of your income level and tax. Some of the programs are funded by the government, while others are funded by big technology companies such as Microsoft or Dell.


Free Computers for Low-Income Families 2015

Free Computers for Low Income Families Sources

Below are some of the organizations that provide help in this matter:


If you are coming from a family whose annual income is less than $35,000, you should try to take a look at the EveryoneOn.Org program that provides a low-cost computer and also low-cost internet access. This is a widely available program in the United States, available in 49 states across the country. While they don’t actually provide free computers, they do provide free computer courses spread out in many locations by cooperating with nonprofit organizations and local libraries. P.S. They also give cheap laptops and tablets!

Local Organizations

Since the government, businesses, and nonprofits have a similar view about the importance of computers, they often work together to help low-income people to get access to affordable computers (and some offer these computers for free). Usually, the federal or state government provides some kind of funding, while the businesses (such as Microsoft or Dell) provide assistance in refurbishing the computers, and nonprofits work as the administrator of the program.

Some examples of such organizations are the Computer Technology Assistance Corps in New England (CTAC) and SmartRiverSide in California. The CTAC refurbishes computers and provides them for people coming from low-income families at a very affordable price, meanwhile, the SmartRiverSide provides free computers as long as your family income is less than $45,000 annually.


Meanwhile, there are several other nonprofit organizations that refurbish computers and provide them at a low price. However, it is often that these organizations only support community causes, including providing computers for libraries and schools. That said, some still provide used computers in retail stores. These computers are in general cheaper than the ones available in regular computer retail stores.

Last but not least, you can search for charity-based organizations. You may be able to find free or low-cost computers coming from these sources. Search whether GoodWill or the Salvation Army organization is available near you.

We hope that this post can help you to search for free computers for low income families!

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