Grants for iPads in the Classroom

Some teachers that I know asked me whether I have some info about grants for iPads in the classroom. There are still many classes in the United States that need technology updates in their classroom. Therefore, I have decided to do a little research and post the result here for everyone to read.

Before trying to get that technology grant, we recommend you contact your local department of technology education. If you’re lucky, you can find programs that can update your classroom technology. Some may even provide iPads for the classroom. That being said, not every district offers this kind of program, but it would be better if you ask.


If your investigation showed that there is no mobile technology program available from your local government, you can try to get the grant. The first thing you have to remember is that getting a grant is not as easy as most people think. You need to seriously invest a good amount of thought, time, and effort to create a good grant application.

Grants for iPads in the Classroom Opportunity

Below are some of the possible grants and their alternatives to fund iPads for your classroom

The Corning Incorporated Foundation grant

There are around 136 education grants available from the CIF. The foundation provides a variety of education grants and one of the categories is technology grants. Last year the Corning Incorporated Foundation spreads out around $3 million for their grants.

The Digital Wish Grants

There are up to 50 technology grants available from Digital Wish. To qualify, the teacher should submit a lesson plan. The Digital Wish grant team will review the application and the best ones will get the grants.

Computers Recycling Center

There is another way for you to update your classroom technology. One of the places I recommend the most is the Computers Recycling Center (CRC). Basically, this organization collects used computers and other technology, refurbishes them, and sends them out to schools that need them. This way, you can reduce electronic trash while getting an upgrade to your classroom technology. Of course, finding iPads through this means is a difficult task, but there’s always a chance, right? Moreover, it would be more meaningful because you can teach your children to donate and reuse their old stuff.

Donor Programs

As the name suggests, the donor programs will help you to gather funds for your classroom technology-related needs like iPads. Aside from grants for iPads in the classroom, sites like Digital Wish and Donors Choose ( can help teachers to connect with possible funders. In general, you have to tell a story about your class or your current project that needs the iPads. Much like writing a grant application, don’t focus on the device. Instead, focus on how iPads can help your student grow in the classroom.

Last but not least, we would like to mention once more that getting a grant is rather difficult because the competition is high. You need to carefully compile your grant application, and follow the many grant writing tips online.

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