How to Get Refurbished Computers for Low Income Families

If you’re looking for free computers or refurbished computers for low income families, this article will give a list of how and where you can get them. Computers have become an important part of education and society considers that it is important to have a computer. However, some people can’t afford to buy a computer.

Despite this, computer prices are not an issue anymore. Many organizations have offered free computers or used computers to low-income families and disabled people. There are many programs that you can join to get free computers. However, you have to be qualified by showing proof of your income and the other requested data, including your purpose of owning the computer.


Where to Get Refurbished Computers for Low Income Families

There are many organizations you can look into to get a free or low-cost computer or refurbished computer for low income families. Some of them are available nationwide, and some are only available for limited regions. Here is the list of websites and organizations that could give the free computers you need:


  1. Project Reboot

If you live in the US, particularly in Montgomerty County, Project Reboot distributes 80% of their refurbished computers there. Despite this, Project Reboot serves the entire metropolitan Washington, DC area from their location in Rockville, MD.

The organization accepts charitable and corporate donations of computer hardware, and they refurbish it to distribute them to low income families, people with disabilities, and non-profit agencies in Washington, DC. Found in 1997, Project Reboot has produced more than 11,000 refurbished computers for those in need.

Project Reboot is well-known as a middleman for schools, non-profit agencies, and even individuals. They refurbish the computers that are donated by volunteers. Becoming a part of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher® program, the organization assures that the donated computers will be repaired and installed with a properly licensed software so the computers will be adequate to assist student’s needs.

If you want to ask for further information, you can contact them via e-mail or phone or fax.

Phone: (301)330-0034


Fax: (301)591-1355



Formerly known as, works to solve two problems in the US, which are electronics that have a very short life cycle, and the increasing amount of social services, educational programs, and employment oppotunities that only reach people who have access to technology.

The organization understands that the trend continues, and people who don’t have computers and access to the Internet will be left behind and won’t get the opportunities that are provided by communications and information technology.

Since 1999, has been refurbishing surplus electronics, used computers, and distribute them to people and organizations who are in need of technology. However, the need for technology and access to the Internet keeps increasing, and they don’t have enough capacity to accomodate them.

Therefore, they created ConnectAll social enterprise membership program that shares InterConnection’s tools and expertise with various organizations that have the capacity to help accomodate the need for digital technology. InterConnection and the organizations’ members decide to work together to offer affordable computers and access to the Internet by creating

Check the website to know the qualifications for purchasing the affordable computer or ask them via phone or e-mail.

Phone: 206-633-1517



  1. TheOnItFoundation.Org

Found in November 1999 by Ms. Calvetta Phair, The On It Foundation is a public non-profit organization with the mission to enhance and expand technology access to families who are economically and socially disadvantaged with school-age in grades K-12.

The foundation cooperates with computer access centers, education institutions, business entities, and the surrounding local area to assist disadvantaged youth in facing the advancement of technologies.

Through their Jump On It Program, the foundation offers free or very low cost computers for students in the US.

You can also contact them via e-mail or phone to ask for further information.

Phone: +1 305.244.6454



  1. Freecycle.Org

The Freecycle Network™ is an online network made up of 5.297 groups with million members around the world. Freecycle is the grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who want to give or get stuff for free in their towns and neighborhoods. You could get a chance to get a free computer that you need. It’s also free to sign up on Freecycle.

You can also contact them via e-mail or send a mail to their office.


Mailing Address: The Freecycle Network, P.O. Box 294, Tucson, Arizona 85702


  1. Komputers4RKids.Com

Komputers 4 R Kids has many volunteers who are willing to help those in need of computers. They refurbish old dated and broken computers, and donate them to people who need them.

You can see how they work by visiting their website, and watch their videos that show how they help others.

You can also contact them via phone or e-mail.

Phone: 562.219.5485



  1. WorldComputerExchange.Org

World Computer Exchange has collaborated with numerous NGOs, government institutions, schools, orphanages, libraries, youth centers, telecentres, universities & entrepreneurs. The organization has 915 formal partner organizations in 77 developing countries. The organization provides low-cost refurbished computers, preloaded educational content, computers for girls tools, onsite tech training, and hardware repair and leadership skills for youth.

If you want to ask some questions to the organization, click here.


Please note that some of the programs offer free computers, and some of them offer low-cost computers. Always remember to do a further research before you joining the program. Contacting the organization is the best solution for you because no one will just give you a free computer after you claim that you’re low income and in need. You must be qualified, so you have to know the qualifications to get refurbished computers for low income families.

Keep in mind that some of the programs require you to be referred by the government agencies or school, such as family services, social services, school counselor and many more. Always read the requirements first before you apply to get a free computer.

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