Free Computers for Disabled People

Free computers for disabled people are an important part of the effort to empower the disabled. By having a computer, there’s a sense of independence that makes them feel positive towards themselves. To achieve this goal, there are various organizations, nonprofits, foundations, and even federal and state governments trying to provide computers at no charge.

In this post, you will learn about several opportunities available from the various nonprofits and organizations.


Free Computers for Disabled People Opportunities

Here are some free computer grants for disabled people to consider:vin

Grants from the Government

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) provide several help available for the disabled. The is a great site that provides reliable information related to your search. You may find some programs that give the computers directly, but there are other programs that give you grants.

If you are still unsure of what to do, we highly recommend you to make an appointment with a social worker from the DHS. Explain your condition, including the reason you need a computer for your life. There will be several documents and paperwork to be done, including the information on your income and your medical report.


This organization can provide free computers for disabled people. They have wonderful program that also helps people and children coming from low-income families. Unfortunately, this program is only available in several states. To learn more about this opportunity, please visit their official site.

The Beaumont Foundation of America

This foundation helps people across the United States to get grants for the technology-related necessities, which include computers. This foundation has had distributed many grants for disabled people who need computers. Visit their website to learn more about the eligibility and how you can apply for the grant.

Computer Recycling Center (CRC.Org)

This one is a nonprofit organization that accepts a donation in the form of computers and then refurbish and redistribute them to those who are in need. People with disabilities are one of the categories of people that they would help. The organization’s base is in Northern California, but according to our source, they do support shipping. Additional charges may apply.

Jim Mullen Foundation

The Jim Mullen Foundation is named after a brave police officer who was shot and wounded in 1996. Despite his injury, Jim Mullen made a significant impact. Initially, he received PC-related gadgets from GiveTech, which helped him immensely. Inspired by this support, Jim Mullen started his own foundation.

The Jim Mullen Foundation is dedicated to helping disabled people. They provide computers and other PC-related gadgets free of charge. This support can make a huge difference in the lives of disabled individuals, helping them stay connected, access information, and improve their quality of life. is a website run by the U.S. Employment Service that provides valuable resources for people with disabilities. It is designed to help individuals find the support and equipment they need to improve their lives.

If you need specific equipment for work or other areas of your life, is a great resource. The website includes a comprehensive list of gadgets and tools that can simplify your daily activities. By visiting the official page and exploring the technology section, you can find various devices that might be helpful.

When you find the equipment you need on, you can apply for assistance. You will need to explain how the PC or other device will help you. This practical explanation is important to demonstrate how the equipment will make a significant difference in your life.

Getting a Free Laptop for Disabled People from St. Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent De Paul is a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in need. They provide various forms of support, including financial assistance, food, and help for low-income families and individuals with disabilities. Here’s how you can get a free laptop from them if you qualify.

St. Vincent De Paul provides a range of services, such as:

  • Food Assistance: Helping people access food.
  • Financial Support: Providing money to help with essential expenses.
  • Vehicle Assistance: Helping with transportation needs.
  • Home Assistance: Offering support for housing-related issues.
  • Specialized Assistance: Assisting low-income families and people with disabilities.

How to Get a Free Laptop

To get a free laptop for a disabled person from St. Vincent De Paul, follow these steps:

  • Check Eligibility: Look at the qualification criteria on their website or contact your local St. Vincent De Paul office to see if you meet the requirements.
  • Visit State Offices: There are several state offices of St. Vincent De Paul. Visit the nearest one for more information and assistance.
  • Apply for Assistance: If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a free laptop. Make sure to provide all the necessary information and documentation.

For more details, visit the St. Vincent De Paul website or contact your local office. They can provide specific information about the application process and help you understand the eligibility criteria.

Getting Computers for the Disabled from Your Local Library

If you have a disability and are looking for financial assistance to get a computer, your local library might be a great resource. Many local libraries have special programs and grants to help people with disabilities, especially those from low-income families. Local libraries often provide:

  • Grants and Awards: Designed to assist low-income families and people with disabilities.
  • Free Computers and Laptops: If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can receive a computer or laptop.
  • Donated Equipment: Libraries sometimes offer old computers and printers for free or at a low cost to those in need.

How to Get Started

Here are some steps to get started with this scholarship:

  • Visit Your Local Library: Go to your nearest library and ask about their programs for disabled individuals.
  • Check Eligibility: Find out if you meet the requirements for their grants or awards.
  • Apply for Assistance: If eligible, apply for a computer or laptop. Be sure to provide any necessary documentation and information.

Libraries often have limited resources, so it’s important to apply early. Sometimes, they offer old equipment on a first-come, first-served basis, so being prompt can help you secure the assistance you need.
By checking with your local library, you can find out about the available programs and get the support you need to obtain a computer.


GiveTech is a notable organization dedicated to supporting disabled individuals by providing free jobs and essential technology. Their mission is to empower disabled people by giving them the tools they need to achieve financial independence and become self-reliant. Here are the following items that GiveTech provides:

  • Free PCs: Disabled individuals can receive free computers to help them work and earn money.
  • PC Accessories: IT professionals with disabilities can get the necessary accessories to aid their work.
  • Communication Tools: GiveTech offers chat and messaging apps designed to help disabled people communicate more effectively.

How GiveTech Helps

Here are some points that GiveTech can help:

  • Empowering Independence: By providing free jobs and technology, GiveTech enables disabled individuals to become more independent and financially self-sufficient.
  • Enhancing Communication: The chat and messaging apps offered by GiveTech help disabled people communicate more easily, improving their ability to connect with others and perform tasks.
  • Supporting IT Professionals: IT professionals with disabilities receive support through specialized PC accessories, helping them maintain their careers and productivity.

For more details about the services and support provided by GiveTech, visit their official website. Here, you can find additional information on how to apply for their programs and access the resources you need.

Computer for All

Computer for All is an organization based in the United States that offers free laptops to low-income families and individuals with disabilities. To qualify for a free laptop, you typically need to earn less than $40,000 per year or meet specific eligibility criteria set by the organization.

To qualify for a free laptop from Computer for All, here are the eligibility requirements to meet:

  • Income Requirement: You must earn less than $40,000 per year, although specific income thresholds may vary.
  • Other Eligibility Criteria: The organization may have additional requirements, such as residency or disability status.

If you want to apply for a free or low-cost laptop, visit the Computer for All website or contact them directly for detailed application instructions. Be prepared to provide proof of income and any other required documentation.
By exploring these options, you can find the support you need to access essential technology and improve your quality of life.

Other Sources

There are still several other methods you can use to get that free computer you need. One of them is the donation sites like FreeCycle and Recycle the World.

The FreeCycle can help you find unused computers in your local hometown because this is a locally based site that connects people who want to donate their stuff and people who need them. Meanwhile, the Recycle the World is also a similar site with FreeCycle, albeit not identical. Both sites can be a great place to look for unused computers the disabled can use.

Last but not least, I would like to mention the Computer Accommodations Program (CAP). The program itself doesn’t provide free computers, but they do help you with the computer’s assistive technology for the disabled people. This is a significant work and they have helped many disabled people by making life easier. Note: they may have information about where to get free computers for disabled people!

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