Jobs for People with Felonies

Getting jobs for people with felonies often becomes a problem. There’s a stigma in our community that makes many employers try to avoid having ex-felons as their employees. Many think that ex-felons can only bring trouble, and they don’t believe that people can change. Therefore, getting a second chance is next to impossible for some.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case! People with felonies should try to search for a job first. Any job, if you’re a felon and are currently trying to find a job with your qualifications or degree, you may find it hard to get even an interview for it.

Getting Jobs for People with Felonies

It would help if you had a fresh start from the bottom, and that’s how many felons make a living. It takes some time and a lot of effort, but it works. You should put down your pride and try to create a good resume by getting an official job as a start. It doesn’t have to be flashy; you can work at 24 chain restaurants, etc.

To get that first job, you need to impress the employer. In general, most employers or managers don’t have high qualifications. You should clean yourself up and also buy a decent suit. Explain properly and politely that you’re someone with felonies and are currently looking for a second chance in life. You should also quit or at least reduce your bad habits to a minimum level (such as smoking, drinking, and drugs). The salary won’t be as much as expected, but you need to put up with it. Cut all the expenses you don’t need (like drinking and drugs), wake up early, and maintain a positive attitude.


Jobs for People with Felony Convictions

Now what you need to do is to stick to that job for a few months, while you keep your positive attitude towards your employer, colleagues, and other people. After about three or four months of working, you can then try to find your next job that is suitable for your degree or qualification.

If you only hold a high school diploma degree, you may want to ask around for your local trade jobs. Trade jobs are basically a school with a commitment. In short, you can get your training for free, but afterward, you have to agree to work with the company upon completing the education or training. The contract usually last about one to three years. Welding companies and truck driving companies are good examples of these trade jobs.

Of course, once again you won’t get paid as much as expected during those times you’re with the company. However, you still got your training and education completed and that is a big achievement. All you need to do is to complete your end of the deal and then you can get a new company that pays better.

As you can see, you need a lot of patience for the first few years. But that’s the harsh reality people with felonies are facing. They need to start at rock bottom before they can climb up in the society. You can visit our reference section for more information about jobs for people with felonies.

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