Grants for Vans for Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs

Grants for Vans for Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs – Getting through day-to-day life when you’re in a wheelchair can be quite a predicament. This is true especially when the person in a wheelchair has to go on a trip, whether it is to rehabilitation centers or simply to buy groceries. Therefore, a van that is friendly for a disabled person is required to keep these people mobile and have a better life experience.

Unfortunately, the cost of the van for people in wheelchairs can be pretty expensive. It’s often that people from low-income families can’t afford to buy one on their own. Therefore, the existence of financial help such as van grants for disabled persons in wheelchairs is important, because this financial assistance will reduce the cost of the van, making it more affordable.


Government assistance for Handicapped Vans

This post will assist you find the possible sources of grants that can be used for funding your van:


Most people think that Medicare is available only for the elderly. In fact, Medicare also supports disabled people. It’s a great Federal health program that is administered by each of the State. If you haven’t become a member of Medicare, we highly suggest that you should become one. While we haven’t heard reliable information saying that the Medicare can cover the cost of buying a van, we do know that the Medicare grant money can be used to buy a wheelchair-friendly ramp for the van.

Grants for Disabled Veterans

Veterans who are disabled due to service-related causes and have to use wheelchairs can contact the Veteran Administration office. The amount of grant available from the VA for wheelchair-enabled vans is up to $8,000. It is important to note that this assistance can also be used for other purposes that help the disabled veteran to be mobile, including adaptive equipment and also the repair or modification of a current van.

Government Grants

Aside of the nationwide Medicare program, usually there’s additional program prepared by each of the states that can help the disabled to purchase a van or do required modification for wheelchairs. The programs’ name might be different in each state, and some state delegates nonprofit organizations or foundations to administer this grant. For example, there’s the Homer Foundation, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, etc. Some examples for the agencies that administer such program is the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation, Mississippi’s Project Start, etc. To see your option, we positively recommend you to contact your state’s Department of Health and Human Services or United Way 211 that can provide you with valuable info about available programs.


There is numerous nonprofits organization and foundation out there that put a serious concern about the mobility of people in wheelchairs. For example, the Brighter Tomorrow Grant, Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation, Center on Technology and Disability, Ford Mobility Motoring Program, etc.

That’s it. An essential part of being disabled is to have a big heart and a spirit to move forward. Remember to ask for the requirement or necessary documents that you have to prepare. That is why contacting the grant provider first before submit your application for the disabled persons in wheelchairs grant for vans.


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