How to Get a Free Laptop for College

Ever wondering how to get a free laptop for college? Nowadays laptop can be considered as one of the most important tools for a college student. I think everyone agrees that having no laptop can really make studying and preparing for assignments complicated. That being said, not every college students comes from a wealthy family, so some still cannot afford to buy a new laptop that costs about $500 to $2000. That’s why today we’re going to tell you some of your options.

Your best shot at getting yourself a laptop without having to spend any money on it would be by applying to universities or colleges for grants for laptops for college students that offer free laptop programs. Some of a good example of this would be the Seton Hall University’s Mobile Computing Program, Wake Forest University, St. John’s University, Villanova University, Bryant University, and Bethel University.


How to Get a Free Laptop for College from Universities

Of course, there are some requirements that need to be met for eligibility. These requirements vary between colleges, but in general, it involves your commitment to study at that university. Some allows you to have the laptop if you graduate from the program (transferring or dropped out students are required to return them), some ‘lend’ you the laptop until you graduate and then sell it to you for a very cheap rate, while some other derive the payment for the laptop from your tuition fee (which makes it looks like a free laptop).

If you are a high school student wanting to go to college, you may want to consider such a university. However, if you are already an undergraduate student, then it is highly recommended to contact your university and ask your financial aid office if there is any free or cheap laptop program available.


Many people simply think that grants are only meant to cover tuition fees. However, that is not always the case. There are some grant programs that are meant to cover for school supplies, and that includes laptops. Some of the examples of grants for laptops for college students are the City Youth Kids, Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Grants. Usually, there are some specific requirements that you need to fulfill, but it doesn’t hurt to take a deeper look at this chance.

Nonprofit Foundations and Organizations

There are some foundations, organizations or agencies that have programs that may be able to facilitate you to a laptop of your own. For example, there’s the federal government funded organization called the Computers for Learning, which gives out some computers (and probably laptops) to those who are selected. Go to their website and fill out the necessary application.

Another notable organization that has similar grants for laptops for college students is the Computer Recycling Centers (you can apply for either the refurbished computer or the refurbished laptop). Submit an application letter and explain your case. Computers with Causes also has a similar program! Last but not least, there are the Computers for Students, which allows the student to get laptops for just about $150, a much cheaper option than the $500.

There you go, I hope this post offers good information on how to get a free laptop for college students.

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