Free Government Laptops for Low Income Families

It is possible to get Free Government Laptops for Low-Income Families, but the government may have strict limitations. In addition, the government may limit the program and the amount of the stock.  If you do not mind to use other resources, there are many local organizations and nonprofit communities to help you.

It is wrong to say that government has no commitment to help low-income families in this case. What they do is to provide assistance to local and nonprofit organizations. These organizations offer cheap or free laptops and computers for those in need by completing a free government laptops application form. For example, Dell and Microsoft are working with the government to run the program.

Free Government Laptops for Low Income Families

Free Government Laptops for Low-Income Families

The List Of Free Government Laptops for Low-Income Families

1. SmartRiverSide

free government laptops for low income families

SmartRiverSide Free Laptop. -image:

This kind of program for free laptops from the government is available in many states, under different nonprofit organizations. However, their goal is the same. What they provide are no-cost or affordable computers and laptops. For example, people living in California can benefit from the SmartRiverSide organization that is giving out free refurbished computers, laptops and tablets for those whose yearly earning is less than $45,000 after completing a free government laptops application form only.

2. EveryoneOn

free government laptops for low income families

Everyoneon Get Connected. -image:

At the other hand, there’s the EveryoneOn program, which is a program available in many states. Note that this program is only available for a family with yearly income is no more than $35,000. While they do not always provide laptops, they refurbish a lot of computers. They then sell them for a very low price. This program is available to provide cheap internet access for low-income families. There are also free courses and training! Currently, the program is available in almost 50 states.

3. Computer Technology Assistance Corps

free government laptops for low income families

CTAC Creating Opportunities – Empowering People. -image:

Computer Technology Assistance Corps (CTAC) is one of the organizations that provide grants for laptops for low-income families It is not the only grant available at this time. On the contrary, there are some options available such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, SmartRiverSide and others.

These organizations may provide help when you are searching for the laptop. They often work together with the government and technology-related businesses. For example, Microsoft to provide free laptops for low-income families.

4. Freecycle

free government laptops for low income families

Freecycle Network. -image:

Freecycle is the online platform for your next resource. They are the local organizations that offer free items for recycling. Their target is new users. These organizations participate in each location. Besides, they are a volunteer and nonprofit organizations.

If you visit the site, they provide all types of goods, as well as computers. The site is like a classified ad with the users posting provides of the stuff they are giving away. The site also provides the wanted items you need.  At the same time, you can search for other options with the hope that someone is able to respond to your request. Fortunately, their site does not provide the income restrictions. They are a simple recycling network.

If you want to get the free computer because of your financial capacity, the best strategy is to be the member by filling a free government laptops application form and then search about the available offer on the recycling forum. After that, you should reach out to the people. To do that, make a request and you will have a high opportunity to get an old PC. It is good to be flexible so that you can go anywhere when the item is available.

5. With Causes

free government laptops for low income families

With Causes Charitable Network. -image:

Join with With Causes as another national organization that offers refurbished laptops and computers. They donate them for those in need. Unlike Freecycle, their products are in working condition. This national organization has many commercial sponsors. Therefore, they have a bigger supply to help more people in need.

6. Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

free government laptops for low income families

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers Program. -image:

Microsoft is available with their program with their specific goal to provide computer refurbishers. What they do is to give genuine Microsoft software or low-income families as well as charities. In addition, they provide the software on the cost recovery basis. However, to join this program, you must apply a free government laptops application form. Here, you can read more about the Microsoft Registered Refurbishers program if you want to join.

7. The On It Foundation

free government laptops for low income families

The On it Foundation Help Today’s Future. -image:

The On It Foundation is a program for those who are living in Florida. They provide free computers for eligible applicants. Other than that, they are working to help low-income families with the internet access and training program.

8. Technology Assisting People In Need

free government laptops for low income families

Technology Assisting People In Need. -image:

If you are living in Ohio, you must be glad to read this article. It is because Ohio has the program to complete your needs. They are assisting people with their organization called Technology Assisting People In Need. In fact, they are nonprofit organizations that provide computers to low-income families. They also give computers to disabled people.

  • (513) 924-9111PO Box 12916
  • Cincinnati OH 45212-0916

9. World Computer Exchange

free government laptops for low income families

World Computer Exchange – Technology + Education. -image:

World Computer Exchange can be a solid opportunity if you want to get refurbished laptops or free government laptops for low-income families. In addition, they also offer computers for free. However, we do not recommend this option for the individual. They have a big interest to provide computers as well as internet access to youth. Besides, their target is the developing countries.

They are working by placing computers in community settings so they can use it. In addition, they work with governments, libraries, schools, NGOs and other parties to support communities in needs.

If you want to get a free computer, old laptop or tablet from this program, make sure that you know their partners. After that, you should contact them and tell about your request for a used PC. For example, contact the WCE and explain your hard condition. If they understood your situation, they are able to bring you in the right direction.

Below is their address:

  • World Computer Exchange, Inc
  • 936 Nantasket Avenue
  • Hull, Massachusetts 02045 USA

Alternatively, you can tell your request by sending an email to

10. Adaptive.Org

free government laptops for low income families

Adaptive Computer Empowerment Service. -image:

If you need more information, you should take other options that are available to give computers to students. However, the students should be from grade 5 to College in Michigan. In addition, the participant should exchange it with 10 hours of community service. It means that they can give you the computers if you do not mind to work with them to the service to their community within 10 hours. is the example and it supports San Diego County, California. Adaptive provides free computers for those who have the financial issue, physical issue (disabled), and seniors in the community.

11. CFY.Org

free government laptops for low income families

PowerMyLearning Digital Learning Platform. -image:

You can use CFY.Org as your resource to get free or cheap laptops. They are the national organization with the commitment to help students, parents, as well as teachers. What they want is to help their participants to improve their educational outcomes. Therefore, CFY provides free refurbished computers to train these subjects.

Besides, they also offer an internet package at no cost, such as broadband and learning software. Amazingly, they also have a help desk especially for people with IT and internet problems. We think that the program is excellent. Therefore, it is worth for you to check their website in case you need a free computer for low-income families.

Here is their address:

  • CFY National
  • 520 Eighth Avenue, Floor 10

If you want to contact them, please call at (212) 563-7300 or fax them at (212) 563-1215

12. Accelerated Schools Programs

free government laptops for low income families

Accelerated Schools Programs. -image:

For low-income families, they still have the choice to get computers. This program is a computer loan program for those who are in needs. What you should do is to apply for the program by filling the free government laptops application form and paying about 100 dollars as the deposit. They will return it when you return the computer in the proper condition as it was.

This program is available to help families with school kids who have no computer at home and need a little assistance to access the internet. If you want to join the program, you should call at 1800-724-6653.

13. Computers For Learning

free government laptops for low income families

Computers for Learning. -image:

Computers For Learning is the organization that works to take the excess federal computer software and hardware. What they do is to refurbish this equipment. Next, they distribute these parts to schools, colleges, and universities. They also send the components to organizations that work for helping people.

We think that it is the right place to make inquiries about your needs.

To send your inquiries by email, please send through

Or, you can contact them at (866) 333-7472

14. Komputers 4 Kids

free government laptops for low income families

Komputer 4 Kids Volunteer Program. -image:

Komputers 4 Kids is popular as the big volunteer program. What they do is to pick up old computers as well as the equipment. Next, they refurbish it to people in needs. If the items are no use to their donation program, they will send it to the recycling facility.

Get Free Computer Access

However, competition is high because many people need it. Meanwhile, we have limited stocks for free laptops and computers. Therefore, if you cannot get one or cannot afford the laptops, you still have several ways to do.

There are several great places to get free access to the web. However, our favorite place would be the public library. It happens to be another best source of information you need. You can access the website, search for the related information inside this place and finish the free government laptops application form. Besides, you can use access to finish your task even if you have no computers or laptops at home.

Get Information From Local Programs

It is true that many states, as well as local governments, provide low-cost even free laptops and computers. This program is available for families in needs. For example, if you are living in the state of Missouri, you can ask help of WITS (Web Innovation & Technology Services) that have been providing low-cost and free electronics. In addition, they are available to provide school supplies for local families. They even have a Desktop computer with the base price at $50 with Windows and Open Office.

Therefore, make sure that your local organizations can help you to get free or cheap laptops and computers.

Who Is Eligible To Get Free Government Laptops For Low-Income Families?

Now, you have the list of providers that can give you free or cheap laptops and computers. The big question is who is eligible in this case?

Well, individuals and families are eligible. However, the condition is that they must be below or near the poverty line. Most programs provide free computers to low-income families. Therefore, you must prove that you deserve to get the used computer. The task is how to make them understand that you have a hard life to deal with. What you should do is to fill out the free government laptops application form. After that, explain what you can do to improve your life through the computer. Here, the computer should create something better in your life.

For disabled people, they also have a big opportunity to get a free computer. It is okay for them even though they have a standard income level. In fact, some programs do not care about income disclosure. It is because their main goal is to support disabled people.  Later, they can use the computer to work, to earn money or to something better. Besides, these programs are available for elderly people so they can get internet access.

See Also: Fill Up the Free Government Laptops Application Form Now!

Final Words

It is clear that there are many other sources aside from the government for free laptops. Therefore, you should not have the question: where can I find free government laptops for low-income families? There are many ways available because many communities and organizations do some good. They want to keep the environment better by recycling the laptops for free or for a cheap cost. They also have a willingness to help other people so everyone has a chance to get free or cheap laptops.

Moreover, if you know that someone needs free laptops and computers, be open to them by sharing this information.



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