Grants for Elderly Care

Grants for elderly care are an important part of taking care of senior citizens. Commonly, senior citizens often need some help with their basic needs, for example, getting personal care assistance, housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation, etc. Elderly people can use the grant according to their needs, but they still have to send the application to the right place.

As we have mentioned earlier, the elderly care grant may include in-house services, caregiver services or outdoor senior programs. Most of the grants are available for nonprofit organizations and community members who want to support the same cause. The common fields covered are nutrition, education, and housing assistance. Below are some of the examples available in the United States:


Grants for Elderly Care Program

Eldercare Initiative Long-Term Care Grant Program

This is a program provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services, available for Indian tribes, Indian health programs, and Indian tribe organizations. There are two categories available, including Assessment and Planning (up to $50,000) and Implementation (up to $75,000).

The Nutrition Services Incentive Program

This grant program is available for Indian Tribal Organizations and also State Agencies on aging to assist the supplemental nutrition from the USDA. The purchased foods and nutrition will be used for home-delivery meals program for the elderly.

Capital Assistance Program for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities

Again, this is a federal grant that is available for organizations that plan to provide transportation assistance for the elderly in areas where public transportation is not available.

State Grants

Should you want to have a personal grant from the government, your best chance is to seek for state grants for the elderly. Personal elderly grant from the federal government is not available. All of their funds are transmitted to state agencies or nonprofit organizations that have programs that support seniors.

Some state offers housing assistance and home improvement assistance in order to make the house a safer place for seniors. Meanwhile, some other states provide additional prescription grants for the elderly. Each of the state may have different grant programs for the elderly, so we highly recommend you to contact your Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Social Services to get more information about the available grant programs in your area.

Grants for Elderly Care from Foundations

Below are some foundations that provide assistance for elderly care:

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

It’s one of the most active foundations that support senior citizen. Each year, the foundation gives out several grants for groups and programs that support the elderly care. Should your organization interested to apply, please contact them and submit a letter of inquiry. You will be given an explanation about the application submission.

The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

This foundation is also famous for their attention for the elderly care. The grants are available for community groups. You need to submit your application as a group, instead as a personal request.

Other notable foundations that give out grants for elderly care are the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, MetLife Foundation, AARP Foundation, etc.


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