List of Grants for Felons

Grants for felons are one of the ideal solutions for ex-felons who are trying to start a new life. We understand that having a felony record can make everything feel hard, especially when you’re trying to fix your life. Ex-felons are often avoided by many people, including employers because there is still a negative stigma about ex-felons in our society. We believe that everybody deserves a second chance, and therefore we have compiled several valuable information that you can use to rebuild your life.

As you must know, there are various types of grants available in the United States. Each of the grants serves a different purpose, from education, and employment to business. We’re going to share a little bit of everything, so stay tuned!


Grants for Felons 2015

Grants for Felons Opportunity

Employment Grants

There’s a program called the Reintegration of Ex-Offenders coming from the Federal government, distributed through the US Department of Labor. Only non-sex offenders and adult offenders are eligible, and there may be additional requirements, depending on which state you’re in.

There’s also an Act from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, called the Second Chance Act. This one is not actually a grant, but since it is helpful I include it on the list anyway. The program mainly offers supporting service for ex-felons, including mentoring and job advice. Note that this is again a state-based program, so each state may have different policy about it.

Remember, to get the benefits from the program, you should contact your state’s Department of Health and Human Services and make an appointment with their social worker. Then the social worker will give you information about the available programs in your area that support the second chance for felons (which may include employment grant opportunities).

Business Grants

For business grants, there are various agencies and organization that provides small business financial assistance in every state. For example, in Houston area, there’s the Prison Entrepreneurship Program that provides training and mentoring for free. Moreover, they connect both funding sources and the ex-felons. You should also visit your local church and ask politely if they have any information that can help ex-prisoners who are trying to rebuild their life. Usually, there are some grants given by these community organizations that can help you cover some expenses when you’re trying to start your business or to become an entrepreneur. You should visit the Small Business Association if you’re okay with small loan to help your business

Educational Grants

Educational grants can be used by the ex-felons as ways to improve and acquire new skills that can be used to start their own entrepreneur journey. The Federal Pell Grant is probably the most foreseeable sources of grant for ex-felons.

Last but not least, I would like to remind you that getting grants when you have felony on your record won’t be easy. The most important part is to stay positive and keep on trying. Hopefully, you get lucky and get those grants for felons.

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