Government Daycare Assistance for Single Moms

Government Daycare Assistance for Single Moms – Single mothers have a hard life. Many of them have to work alone to support their family and take care of the child too. The problem is that balancing your life with these two priorities is next to impossible, therefore the presence of government daycare assistance for single mothers is very important!

However, where can you find such help? We’re here to give you an answer to that question, so don’t worry! In this post, you will learn about whether you are eligible for the program and what the program’s limitations and offers are.


Government Daycare Assistance for Single Moms

The government daycare assistance for single moms are typically provided by each state’s Child Care and Development Fund or similar agencies. Eligibility is usually determined by the level of income and also location.

Social Service

We believe that the best course of action would be contacting your state’s Health and Human Service office and meet up with one of their social worker. This is a great place to start your search because of two reasons. They are the official government organization that actually administer various assistance programs aimed towards low income families, and single moms often have additional advantages. As you know, single moms are often in a tight financial condition, and a significant portion of extremely low income family are single parents. The program name may be different in each state, for example, the Head Start Program.

You can also call 221, a great service call center that can provide you with good information on the available options for your case. They can even give you contacts to the available daycare assistance programs coming from both the government and the local organization!

You can also visit to see if there’s any grants available for single parents. Since single parents –including single mothers–are included in at-risk population, hence there are many grant awards provided by the government in order to make the life of these single parents easier. As expected, most of the grants are available for single parents going to college, which a portion of it can be used to cover daycare assistance. Of course, the grants are not limited to educational purposes. To see the full list of grant awards available for single moms that can be used for daycare, please visit and use their handy search toolbox to help you find the grant that is suitable for your need. Typically, applicants have to be a US resident that can provide proof of low income.

Now government is not the only source you can rely for the daycare assistance. Below are some of the daycare assistance options for working single moms:

Did you know that your workplace (if eligible) can obtain grants from the government to build a daycare facility for its employees? Many medium-sized companies have started to build such facility and provide the service at low cost. You can also visit your local religious organizations like churches, mosques or sinagog and ask if they can help you with your child’s daycare. Most of them don’t provide such service on a daily basis, but this is a good solution if you are really in a pinch.

That is all, I hope now you know how to find government help for daycare for single moms!


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