Financial Help for Moving Expenses

Financial help for moving expenses – Moving can cost a lot, and that is a well-established fact. There are many reasons why people make the decision on leaving their current house. Sometimes it’s an exciting reason such as getting a new job in a new town. But, sometimes it’s a less fun reason such as foreclosure or inability to pay monthly rent.

Grants for moving expenses are possible.  Nevertheless, it may be hard to obtain especially for families whose earning is more than the average median income of the local area. As you know, the government (and also other possible sources of financial aid such as foundations and nonprofit organizations) typically assists only those in need.


How To Get Grants For Moving Expenses

Below are some of the grants for moving expenses available for people needing assistance for relocating from their old house:

1. Federal Aid

There are several programs available from the government for homeowners who must move out from their place forcefully.  The programs mostly due to a natural disaster. The program’s name is the Federal Relocation Assistance Program. Aside from helping the cost of moving, the program also provides help for homeowners and business owners to find a new place to start over. Eventually, the program offers covering the cost for safe deposit. Therefore, it can be the first help when it comes to grants for moving expenses.

Other programs are available for people who rent their housing. Through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); the government provides help for those who are at risk of becoming homeless through the HUD’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. The program will cover the costs that are related to relocation, including transportation and safe deposit money.

2. Employer-Based Programs

If you are moving from your old place due to working conditions, you may be qualified for assistance from your employer. It is a common practice for employers to provide some money as an allowance to cover the relocation cost. Take this advantage as one of the grants for moving expenses. In most cases, they can’t provide full coverage to cover all the expenses. Nevertheless, you can use the money to cover the traveling cost and deposit money.

3. Good Neighbor Next Door Grant

There are very interesting grants for moving expenses. One of them come from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In order to spread and encourage various essential professionals in the community, they provide a program called the Good Neighbor Next Door Grant. This grant is the award to people serving their communities such as teachers, emergency medical technicians, law enforcement officers and firefighters. These people should have a commitment to stay in special areas or regions that demand their service. This program even can cover Up to 50% of the house list price.

There are also some programs from the state government office that may be able to provide help for relocation. However, as we have mentioned earlier, the programs are available to help low-income families, preventing homelessness. To learn about this option, it is advisable to contact your state’s Social Services Agency. Explain your condition and bring along some necessary documents that can prove that you need financial help for moving expenses.

4. Homeless Prevention Grant

Take this grant. This is one of the grants for moving expenses. The goal is to prevent the increasing number of homeless. This is the ideal choice especially for those who become homeless because of the unexpected notice. Usually, the administrator of the grants is the housing agencies, Salvation Army, local authorities, and even religious organizations.

In addition, this program commonly covers the moving costs, provides hotel or motel vouchers and provides the rental deposits. The goal is good that is to prevent any of you become homeless and live on the streets.

Before choosing this method, it is good to find out more application whether it is available around your local area or not. If you are eligible, it is possible to get the grant with 18 months of the rental assistance. That is enough time to start a brand new life.

5. Housing Emergency Fund

This grant even supports the eligible participants to get more than $2,000. The participants should be those who need immediate help for the security, or utility and rental deposits. The Housing Industry Foundation is the one behind this grant with the purpose to reduce the financial burden especially for a family that cannot get the immediate funds.

How does this program work? As one of the methods to get grants for moving expenses, the foundation will transfer the emergency fund to the new landlord, including the housing agent and the utility companies. If you are the eligible tenant, they will give you a big help in less than 24 hours. If you want to apply for this program, you can check the application and eligibility details on this page.

6. Exchange For Money

If you need grants for moving expenses, we believe that this is the nice solution to try for. If you are seriously in a need to get more funds to move and you are not eligible to be the tenants of the grants above, do not worry. It does not a big deal if you cannot be the participant on the federal assistance. You can still do something creative like selling off some of the old stuff that you can survive without these things. We call this as moving sale or garage sale.

Through this idea, you can get some cash as you need but at the same time, you can save your money to deal with the moving cost. It is because you are reducing the moving load. How to start your auction? It is easy. After collecting your unneeded stuff, you can start the auction through online auction options like Amazon, eBay, and others. They are the best marketplaces with a lot of potential buyers. If you have some old accessories, sports, electronics, and even books, you can turn these things into some cash for your move.

7. Tax

Have you heard about tax rebates? Tax rebates can be the solution when you think about what are the best grants for moving expenses. If you have to move because of the job transfer or other job issues, you may be eligible for this one.  It is good to spend a little time and consult with a tax expert to help you deal with the tax rebates. The expert can help you in filling the returns of the tax. It also means that the program will reduce the financial burden by decreasing the relocation costs from the taxes. (But if You are a Muslim, actually, Tax from the Government is forbidden).

8. Grants for Housing and Moving

Another useful way to get grants for moving expenses is to get it from housing and moving grants. If you get an unexpected notice to leave your home means that you have to secure the new housing as soon as possible. It also means that you should have the financial resources to start the move. If you have no funds to relocate, you can take advantage of grants that support families with housing and moving expenses. The support is available through public programs, private charities, and also local foundations.

9. Charity Home

So, it is difficult to deal with the funds. If you find that you have no many funds for the immediate moving expenses due to other challenges, logistics, and commitment, it is okay. You can still have the possibility to access some grants for moving expenses from the charitable organizations. These organizations work together to provide the grants for moving with the goal to reduce the financial burdens related to moving expenses. Here is what they support:

·         Grant for Low-Income People

Grants for moving expenses for low-income people are available. Most of the programs are from government institutions. You can ask around and find the requirement or availability for the eligibility.

·         Relocation Aid For Disabled People

Disabled citizens have a real challenge, which is their physic. They may be unable to complete the finance needs to handle the relocation. This is the big reason why government agencies and organizations try to provide grants for moving expenses for disabled people.

You can ask around from internet and people to find how to apply for this grant. The grant may take time after you have completed the application properly. But, if you have to deal with the physic matter, you should take this opportunity.

·         Moving Assistance Program For Veteran

Veteran citizens with the completed requirements can get grants for moving expenses. They can get it in the form of payments for rent or the housing supports. Other than that, they may get security deposits, and payments for utilities, childcare, and even the legal support provided by the Veteran Supportive Services. This is a good program with the commitment to provide essential assistance for the veteran, especially when it comes to relocation.

·         Religious Organizations

There are also many religious organizations provide grants for moving expenses. Most of them offer assistance especially for families in needs, single mums, low-income women, disabled citizens as well. What they do is to pay for the moving expenses immediately. Nevertheless, you should meet their criteria if you want to apply for this assistance.

The good thing to do is to take the opportunity. No one knows that you can be the potential candidate to get assistance and encourage yourself to ask some questions to the organizations.

As you can find here that there are many ways to get grants for moving expenses. With these things, you can start a new life with new hope. The key is to find more information. It can be from the Internet or the people involved in the programs. Remember that there will be a way if you have a strong willing to find the solution. Besides, you can sell your properties to make money. Best of all, you can use social media to find help. You are not alone leaving on this planet. You are not going to be homeless if you even contact some nonprofitable organizations.