Financial Assistance for Breast Cancer Survivors

Catering for breast cancer costs can leave a person financially drained. It can be hard for them to bounce back on their feet and be able to cater for their regular expenses the same they used to. This is when it becomes evident that they need help financially. It is because of such incidents that many organizations have chosen to offer financial assistance for breast cancer survivors.

It is a great way for helping them gain their life back and stand up on their own again. Cancer treatment involves a lot of procedures and tests from different departments. Even an insurance coverage might not appear to be that helpful when it comes to paying for these costs. This can easily make the breast cancer treatment turn into a financial burden.


Luckily for many people you don’t have to bear it all alone and you can reach out. You can start by speaking to a healthcare provider and request for information about the financial resources that might be available to you. Most hospitals have also set up financial counselors so as to help people get resources and information and come up with a workable plan that will aid them in getting treatment without suffering heavy financial implications afterwards.

If you are unable to pay some places maybe willing to reduce the costs and the afterward impact may not be too much. You may also qualify for financial aid from the state or local programs. There are several organizations both local and national that help with cancer related expenses. So what comes next after the treatment? It is evident that you might not be able to go back to work right away and you might need a little time off. However, your bills will still need to get paid and you also need to eat. You can check out organizations that help breast cancer survivors financially. You have to qualify for the financially aid first and foremost.

How do you know if you qualify for financial assistance for breast cancer survivors?

There is a criteria used in granting financial assistance for breast cancer survivors by most organizations. This determines whether you qualify for aid or not. Some of the factors they look at are;

  • Loss of all or part of their income during active treatment

This will help them in assessing all that a survivor has gone through. It shows the impact of the financial constraint suffered by the survivor.

  • Needs which are Basic Living expenses

If a survivor is unable to cater for basic living expenses and have no one to turn to or support them, then they may qualify for financial aid.

  • Recovery time

This is the time allocated by the doctor for the patient to recover until they can go back to work. During this time frame a survivor may be eligible for financial aid.

  • Taxpayer

If you were a taxpayer you may be eligible since your revenue is recognizable by the government

  • Was Employed

If you were employed and can show a reduction in your income as a result of your diagnosis then you qualify for financial aid

  • State Aid

If you are receiving a monthly financial aid from the state or any other organization then you will not be eligible for financial aid.

  • No Pension

If you are not receiving any pension and require a second job to cater for you expenses you may be eligible for financial aid

You can apply for financial aid through various website all go for screening processes physically at various organizations who offer financial assistance for breast cancer survivors. Some of the major organizations you can go to are;

There is an endless list of such organizations and a healthcare provider can direct you to the appropriate one.


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