Financial Assistance for Wounded Warriors

Financial Assistance for Wounded Warriors is important to help the family as a whole. As you know, wounded warriors often need medical treatments that may increase the family’s expenses. What’s more, after all the treatments are done, the wounded warriors usually find themselves in a hard position when it comes to searching for jobs. Wounded warriors who are disabled often have their lives changed.

In terms of expenses, the family may have to cover the lodging and travel costs when they have to visit the wounded warrior. During those trips, many have to leave their children at home so they have to pay for childcare services. Some may even have to have temporary relocation so that they can be close to the hospital where the veteran is treated. When the wounded veteran gets home, it is also common that the home and the vehicle are modified to ensure the safety of the veteran, for example, by modifying baths, adding ramps, etc. It would be even worse if the wounded warrior had to be treated constantly so that a family member has to quit his or her job. In short, the family may have reduced income, yet increased outcome.

In general, our government is very generous towards the veterans of the US Armed Forces. There are several wounded warrior grants for veterans available. There is still some verification and selection process for financial assistance in the form of grants, but in general wounded warriors have an edge and they are prioritized. So if you are currently falling behind on rent, mortgage, insurance, or other monthly bills, don’t hesitate to seek help.


Below are some of the options available for financial assistance for wounded warriors:

Tax Exemption Program

Most of the states in the US acknowledge the service of veterans of US Armed Force. They often show their attention and help through the tax exemption program. Wounded warriors and their family are usually eligible for this type of financial assistance, especially those who have low income. However, you still need to prepare things like the proof of your income, medical record, and acknowledgment from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

The American Red Cross

This organization is an excellent organization that can help wounded warriors and their family through the harsh economic challenges during the emergency. There are several assistance programs available, including financial assistance. Please contact your state’s American Red Cross office to learn about the services they offer for free for wounded warriors.

Army Emergency Relief

Another organization that is worth to try to ask help from is the Army Emergency Relief. They have a temporary financial aid that can be used for various purposes. Please contact them through their website to see the eligibility and the requirements.


There are numerous other organizations available in the United States that takes care of the US Armed Forces veterans, especially the wounded ones. For example, there’s a temporary financial assistance program from the American Legion, The American Military Family, Disabled American Veterans, etc. Believe me, you’re not alone and there are many organizations offering financial help for wounded warriors.


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