Grants for Planting Trees

Grants for Planting Trees – There are many reasons why everyone should seriously consider planting trees and/or making gardens. It is great that global warming awareness has improved dramatically over the last few years, making more and more people aware of the importance of trees. Since it’s a good deed that is in line with our country’s goals, there’s no doubt that there is financial assistance for planting trees in the United States. Today’s post will focus on providing information about this so that you can help the world by planting trees and making gardens!

Below are some of the programs from the government and foundations that can help you start growing your first tree:

Grants for Planting Trees

Grants for Planting Trees and Gardening

USDA Grants

When it comes to trees, the first government department you want to contact would be the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA provides various grants, and one of them can be used for planting trees or creating green space or gardens in your community. Note that usually, the USDA favors a project that can benefit the community. Therefore, if your current plan is creating a community garden or planting trees in the neighborhood, you may be eligible for government grants for planting trees. If you need further advice on how to make a good and realistic plan that gets approved by the USDA, you can contact the American Community Gardening Association in or reference section.

Global ReLeaf Grant

The Global ReLeaf is a reputable foundation that has a long and respected history of planting trees. This foundation supports the growing trees in urban areas to help with global climate change. Aside from that, they also help tree planting after natural disasters, creating gardens for recreational benefits, etc. The foundation claims that they have supported the planting of more than 47 million trees across the world. To get more information about this grant, please visit their website to see the eligibility and the requirements for the grant.

Youth Garden Award

People who want to create gardens in their community and urban schools can ask for information about this Youth Garden Award. This program is perfect if you’re looking for a way to start gardening that consists of vegetables and food production. Awardees are given $2,500 worth of garden supplies and garden installation services. You also get up to 500 vegetable and herb plants to kickstart your garden.

Nature’s Path Gardens for Good Grant

This is a grant award competition in which winners will receive $25,000 to start their own organic garden. Just like the previous Youth Garden award, this one focuses on creating production foods so that the garden can contribute to providing fresh and nutritious food sources for the community.

Project Orange Thumb Grant

The Fiskars Foundation has been providing financial help for planting trees and creating gardens since several years ago. During that time, the foundation has helped more than 125 groups to make beautiful gardens across the country. The award money for the grant is $5,000.

We support your cause! We sincerely hope this post can help you find financial aid for planting trees and making gardens.

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